They claim that Antonella Roccuzzo made changes to her face

The pretty Antonella Roccuzzo has attracted attention thanks to a video that was shared on YouTube where they claim that he underwent certain aesthetic adjustments on his face, is it true?

Lionel Messi is considered one of the greatest footballers in Argentina, in addition to being one in sports, he has also become a celebrity on television and social networks, however his partner Antonella Roccuzzo, wife and mother of his three small children She has also become known thanks to the popularity of her own husband.

Nowadays the pairs of footballers have been gaining popularity among Internet users, especially thanks to technology and applications, as in his case is Instagram that can immediately turn anyone into a celebrity and influencer, as it is in case of Antonella Roccuzzo and other wives of soccer stars.

It was on December 14, 2020 that a video titled "The surprising change of Antonella Roccuzzo" was shared, this was launched on the YouTube channel of Qué Mañana !, we will share it with you right away.

Antonella Roccuzzo posted a video on her social networks and received several criticisms for apparent touch-ups on her face, "the video's description.

From what can be seen in the video capsule, the drivers are making some comparisons with two photographs in which Leo Messi's wife appears, one of the images is in fact a video of the same Antonella Roccuzzo shared on his Instagram account on December 11, 2020, three days before the video was published, there is no doubt that the comparisons and criticisms began immediately.

# 2020iswild, and today "The Wilds" premieres in @primevideoes A series that deals with a group of girls who discover themselves and each one has to face their problems (anxiety, bulimia, depression ...) when they they are trapped on a desert island, "Antonella's video description.

Apparently the beautiful businesswoman is promoting this series because she also went through some difficult moments during the year 2020, they were so strong that she ended up assisting with a psychologist so that she could help her with her depression, however, the Internet users were of little interest. They immediately began to criticize her for stating that she did not look like herself, this was confirmed during the video on the program Qué Mañana !.

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Nowadays it is something of the most common thing that both women and men undergo certain aesthetic arrangements, this mostly to improve self-esteem, sometimes they are medical indications and others more for simple vanity that of course is the most valid.

Thanks to technology, this happens more often than we expect, although it is usually more noticeable on social networks, especially among the great celebrities and stars of the show, as well as in the world of fashion.

Although it would be normal for being a public figure, it is something that immediately draws even more attention when you are the wife or husband of a celebrity, in this case Antonella Roccuzzo She did not escape criticism, however, whether or not she has always managed to look as beautiful as possible, especially fresh and even better in love with her husband.

Like Roccuzzo a wave of new celebrities thanks to their successful husbands in sports has been born, this arguably became fashionable with the singer and former member of the British group "Spice Girls" Victoria Beckham, although she was also already famous , It could be said that he achieved a bit of influence to be able to care for the couples of athletes in these times.

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