They did not hold José Ron for 6 months, Jessica Díaz cut him for having mastitis, they assure

Just 6 months after the relationship between Jessica Diaz and the actor José Ron The true reasons for the thunderclap come to light and they say, it has to do with the actor's mother.

A source close to the couple revealed the reasons why they allegedly Jessica Diaz could not bear the actor and who was until recently your partner, José Ron.

The actress 29 and he 38 were undoubtedly a beautiful couple, which many thought would be lasting, however, two more weeks confirmed their breaking off and although they have assured that everything went well between them and they will continue their friendship, a supposed friend of the actress reveals the "true reasons"

It may interest you José Ron, the loves of the protagonist of Rubí

According to the source, the actress if she was hurt after the breakup with the actor since he had promised it would not break her heart, it is worth mentioning that Ron "He has always been very jealous, unstable and inattentive, he changes his girlfriend like shorts", according to said source.

It also ensures that this is the reason why at the beginning, Jessica doubtful of hanging out with him, however, she would end up believing in his promises.

Apparently the actor He convinced Jessica with the argument that "she was a different girl from the others and he was delighted; but the only thing that interests him is his family and his dogs, when he gets bored of them he changes them, for him the only perfect woman it's her mom ”, affirms the supposed friend.

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So that Jessica It ended up being one of his list, just what he was trying to avoid at first, he noted.

Also, the person continued to reveal more about the actor from whom he points out that the only one who really cares is "his mom".

José has mamitis, he gives everything for his mother, for him first he is his mother and then the girlfriend; she spends it comparing them with her, that if the food, the treatment she receives; He has always said that he wants a woman who dedicates herself 100% to her children like her mother. ”

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As for the relationship of Jessica with the family of Ron?

Apparently there was a good relationship between the actress and her ex-mother-in-law, Doña MarthaHowever, she could not bear to be put aside for everything, at lunchtime she had to sit next to her mother, she attends to her as Queen and everyone eats only what the lady wants, opens the car door and has even told the girlfriend to go back and the mom in front.

And everything seems to indicate that the treatment was not only exclusive to Jessica since all the ex of the actor have gone through the same thing, "the mother seems the bride, José wants to take her everywhere, to the cinema, to the theater, to Garibaldi, at the club, sometimes even takes her to the Televisa forums, "he explained.

Another example revealed, was the actress Daniela Álvarez, on the birthday of Joseph In 2017, when the cake was broken, Dani was next to him and the mother took it away to stand next to her son, the same with Iran CastleHe preferred that they go out alone to avoid chaperone the mother-in-law, almost did not live with his family.

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How thunder occurred

The source explained that when the quarantine occurred, the actor went and locked himself in Bravo Valley with his mom and siblings and he didn't even care about Jessica, and if they saw each other in those days it was pk a Joseph He got very bad abdominal pain and Jessica went to see him.

But it would not last many days with him since apparently she felt very uncomfortable and they had no privacy at any time, when she told him that she would return to the CDMX, he took it with indifference and he said, "It was okay, go away."

When she returned, if she did not call him, he did not do so either and they took her away until "Jessi asked him if he was no longer interested, he would tell her."

What he answered set the tone for the actress to make the decision since he confessed to her "that he did not know if he wanted her as a couple or as a friend" so she was upset and they stopped talking to each other for a few days and later erased everything from their networks, as he comments.

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Later, after the actor will resume the recordings of the novel in which I participated "I give you life"Both had the opportunity to speak and agreed that it was best to finish and be friends.

"It is the best, that José be happy with his mother and that she find a good man," the source concluded to the magazine TV Notes.

José Ron is inseparable from his mother. Instagram

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