They look like sisters! Maite Perroni shows off her mother on Instagram


Maite Perroni surprised all her followers on Instagram with a photograph, but it was not the former RBD who appeared in the image, but her beautiful mother.

The actress showed all of Instagram where she inherited her enormous beauty, as she presented and showed off her mother to everyone.

Maite Perroni, who achieved success at the hands of Anahí, Dulce María, Poncho, Christopher and Christian in RBD, used the famous social network to show his love and admiration for his mother.

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In the publication you can see a young woman, who even some thought was the actress; however, you can see that it is someone else, the being who gave him life. Maite Perroni's mother was quite concentrated reviewing some documents and wearing a dark dress.

The protagonist of Dark wishThe success of Netflix shared the love he has for this woman and how very grateful she is because only she is capable of loving so intensely, of having taught her so many things and of telling her openly what is not right.

She is the most beautiful being that my eyes have seen ... the one with the most loving heart that has cared for and protected me ... the one who tells me the strongest and most honest truths ... the one who places me in life every time it is necessary ... the one who has taught me to be the woman that I am ... the one who speaks up front and says things even if you don't like to hear them ..., wrote the famous woman.

To say of Maite Perroni, this woman is so special to her that having a fight with her makes her feel really bad and she feels lucky to have her by her side.

The one who walks with her head held high despite the circumstances, the one who has given me the most love in this world and the one that worries me the most when we get angry, the one who has taught me to fly but never to forget, the one who has taught that not thinking alike is not separating ...

The famous Netflix actress shared that she would give everything for her mother, who is her role model and her accomplice.

I love you with everything I am ... for you everything always! ❤️, ended Maite Perroni.

Internet users did not take long to find an enormous resemblance between Perroni and his mother and there were from those who said "they are just the same", to those who indicate that they "look like sisters."

I see why you came out so beautiful Maite✨ Both of you are very beautiful, wrote Yaziel Antonio.

What beautiful words, how beautiful your mother is, how beautiful is how beautiful there are thousands of loves but that of a mother is indefinable ❤️, shared Jisell Martín.

The publication was made 16 hours ago on Maite Perroni's official Instagram account and has exceeded 125 thousand reactions.

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The truth is that this young and beautiful mother, who is also called Maite, has stolen the hearts of Internet users.

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Maite Perroni was born in Mexico City in 1983 and rose to international success thanks to her portrayal of Lupita Fernández in the famous youth telenovela Rebelde, later she toured the world with the famous group RBD, derived from the story of Televisa.

On television, the beautiful actress has starred in stories such as Beware of the angel, My sin, Triumph of love, Cachito de Cielo, The cat, Dead before Lichita, Dad to every mother.

Recently, his fame and success have increased thanks to his starring in the series Dark wish from Netflix, in which he shared credits with Alejandro Speitzer.

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