They remember Jennifer Lopez 20 years ago! in film The Cell

With more than 34 years active in the world of entertainment, the singer, dancer, actress, businesswoman and social media celebrity Jennifer Lopez is remembered for her participation in the film "The Cell". movie which was released 20 years ago.

Simply by hearing the name of Jennifer Lopez We immediately associate her with various arts of entertainment and the fact is that the also model has not only managed to develop in a single art but in several, achieving stand out in each of them.

However, something that she has mentioned with affirmation is that before all the arts that she practices, the first is that of being a dancer, for this reason it is said that in her presentations which are spectacular, the voice may be missing, she is criticized for using a lot playback, but you will never need the dance that is what is characterized even more.

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Even more surprising but perhaps many already had an idea is that the actress has also made a long list of performances for Hollywood, however it was in 1997 when she became the first Latina to earn a million dollars in a movie by Hollywood, this was thanks to Selena Quintanilla because she gave it life after in turn taking it away from the queen of Tex Mex two years before.

Although Jennifer Lopez She began her career as an actress since 1987, although her participation was not recognized enough, it was there that she had her beginnings, however, years later playing Selena, her fame as an actress would begin.

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Since then from that participation the name of Jennifer Lopez began to be known, in fact it has more films than albums, having a total of 31 films, including "The Cell" released in 2000 where she gave life to Catherine Deane main character of the plot, as for his studio albums have been only 8 and two compilations.


The surprising thing about seeing Jennifer Lopez In her youth, not much has changed despite the years and the beautiful singer maintains her figure thanks to the arduous and constant exercise she performs without rest 365 days a year.

In the film "The Cell", which in fact is one of the most interesting in which the singer and actress has participated, she plays a psychologist who enters the subconscious world, experimenting with a totally new science, the interestingness of the plot is that we can see how the thought of a criminal who is in a coma is perceived, since the doctor's studies focus on entering a person's mind to learn some secrets, including dreams and meditations.

If you like interesting films, we definitely recommend "La Célula", called that way in Latin America, it is a true cinematographic gem that, in fact, was nominated for an Oscar for best makeup.

In the film we also meet two more protagonists: Vince Vaughn and Vincent O´Dnofrio in addition to Jennifer Lopez, the direction was in charge of Tarsem Singh the genre is Science fiction, terror and psychological suspense, so we are sure that if you like these genres you will not take long to look for it to enjoy it and to delight your pupil with the performance of the beautiful actress.

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There is no doubt that Jennifer Lopez will always find a way to surprise them, whether it be today or simply by remembering part of her impressive career.

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