They reveal how much Travis Scott earned for his concert in Fortnite

The 28-year-old rapper Travis Scott has been breaking records with his music and projects with other companies, recently the amount he won when he did his concert in Fortnite one of the most requested online video games by Internet users.

As the technology and popularity of rap music has been growing, so have several personalities of this musical genre, taking advantage of the admiration of the public every day, several celebrities choose to take advantage of it, as well as several companies that decide to collaborate with these singers as well as Travis also found Jay Z and a long list of stars who promote certain products, services or foods all over the world.

His image has been being promoted in large advertising campaigns such as in international companies, surely you remember his collaboration with McDonalds, although his combo was only sold in the United States, the news became worldwide.

Tavis Scott He has also collaborated with important sports brands such as Nike and another video game platform such as the Nintendo Swich, the latest project of the rapper and former partner of the businesswoman and socialite Kylie Jenner, in addition to being the father of his daughter, he has become a very good friend from the younger sister of the Kardashian Jenner clan.

Regarding Fortnite Travis Scott Not only did he break records with views but also with the amount of money he made after his "presentation" on the platform.

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The interpreter of "SICKO MODE" on April 24 had a participation in the event entitled "Astronomical" present in the battle royale, one of the most successful in recent years, where he presented his character in a virtual concert that during said Twitter did not talk about anything else, it quickly became a trend and an exciting phenomenon for Internet users who did not stop excitedly sharing watching it while playing online.

After a few months, some important figures were released, not only the number of views but the economic report with which it was favored Travis Scott after your presentation.

According to the porting Areajugones there were around twelve million views of Internet users who were simultaneously watching the concert during their game, although at the time of the concert all the players were present in "the common bag" something like a lobbie of the game where no one can attack or do something extra to harm another player, it is more of a common area.

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It is said that Forbes magazine made several calculations where it needed an estimate of the earnings that Travis Scott had because apparently he was given a percentage of the purchases of skins and aesthetic objects that are sold in the game, it is said that approximately it was made of more than 20 million dollars.

This is not the first celebrity to launch a concert in the online game, also Dj Marshmello has had the opportunity to delight Internet users with his music, however it could be said that with the participation of Travis Scott not only did the game become popular but also himself breaking impressive records that very few have achieved.

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With the excellent idea of ​​holding concerts online, Fortnite has earned an interesting place among online gaming platforms, for that reason it is so special and sought after by internet users.

Surely the young rapper will continue to surprise us not only with his music but also with the projects that he will surely continue to launch, his millions of fans will be watching his every move.

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