They seal their love, Belinda and Christian Nodal get tattoos to reaffirm the relationship


Necklace with the name of your partner, partner tattoo and the singer's initials, all in the same night within the tattoo studio, Belinda and Christian Nodal they seal their love.

We have known for a long time that, the beautiful singer, Belinda, he had a heart in his ankle saved for when he found his great love, because everything seems to indicate or, rather, we affirm that he finally found whoever he was "Love of her life”.

After surprising a couple of days ago with photos of his celebration in style, which included a romantic dinner and an exchange of expensive gifts, as well as a cake and details decorated with a panda bear and a little mouse, the way in which They are called of affection and the emojis with which they are represented in their publications, the famous couple took their signs of love a step further by tattooing together.

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It all started while users, followers of the singer, reviewed their Instagram stories, then the uproar began, Nodal showed the drawings that were made in his hands, where he highlighted a "4" as part of Christian's designs and it was one day 4 when their romance started.

However, what attracted the most attention was a small ankle with fairly white skin, yes, it was Beli's ankle, the surprise came when Nodal showed what had been done: Nodal's initials were already tattooed on a small! heart on the ankle! which she had mentioned earlier was destined for the love of her life.

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Let's remember that occasion, it was in an interview in December 2017 with the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante in “The Minute That Changed My Destiny”, Belinda confirmed that she had saved that little heart to put the initials of the man in her life.

In fact, he recalled that he has a song that says "I have a heart tattooed on my ankle", it is the song "Wacko" from his album Carpe diem ... "and here it is," he told the journalist and later showed it to him .


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In this way, Belinda showed the little heart before the camera and commented that it was already fading, since she still did not know her great love, but the wait finally ended, because, although in reality they have been in a love relationship for a short time, They are boasted by all the networks, and they show the Internet users the great love they are living.

So, in this way, Belinda showed the followers and all those who have referred to his courtship as false, that Christian Nodal has earned the position of being the true love of his life.

Although, there have been those who say that, in the same way, when they finish or decide to end "the farce", being a small tattoo, they can only cover it with a larger one and pretend that absolutely nothing has happened.

It is also necessary to highlight the choker-style necklace that Belinda was wearing, made of crystals, forming the word that defines them as a couple, putting their names together and as a result the word "Nodeli" was formed, and Christian shows it, with great pride before the camera.

Belinda has shown a very different facet with Christian Nodal: nothing to hide from the cameras or to keep the details of their relationship a mystery.

Since day one of their romance, the couple has been quite open in their relationship, with affectionate exchanges of messages on social networks and with impressive details.

And although at first it was expected that, as in all her previous romances, Belinda would choose to remain silent; The singer offered several interviews where she said she was very happy to have a man like Christian by her side.

Nodal and Belinda make up the couple of the moment in the world of entertainment in Mexico and it seems that their romance will go far beyond La Voz, the show that helped forge their courtship.

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