Things to know about Spider-man 3

Things to know about Spider-man 3.

Sad news for the fans of the Spider-man series of Marvel Universe. Marvel Cinematic Universe movie Spider-man 3 delayed its releasing date for four months. The new release date will be 5th November 2021 by Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures.

Spider-man 3
Spider-man 3

Sony pictures delayed the release date four-month of Marvel Universe’s Spider-man 3. Marvel Studios announced first its release date in MCU release slate at San Diego Comic-con 2019 last summer, but there might be some changes and additions in the Spider-man series since then. Not only the date of Spider-man 3 delayed but also the Date of MCU release slate is delayed this year due to coronavirus pandemic. All dates of upcoming movies will be altered as same as Spider-man 3.

Disney and Sony the parent companies of marvel hit a snag while negotiating an extension of Spider-man deal last summer. This negotiation of extension allows the web-slinger to appears in MCU. Tom Holland who played the role of Spider-man will continue to play his role again in the upcoming movie Spider-man. Somehow companies managed to come together on a new agreement. They will keep the spiderman in MCU for at least a little while longer. Then they announced the new release date of Spider-man 3.

Sony Pictures announced more changes in upcoming Spider-man movies. After pushing the release date of Venom 2 and Morbius along with other movies, including their Spider-man 3. The Marvel and Sony are jointly untitled Spider-man 3 release date is now set to 5th November 2021 before this release date, The Date release of Spider-man 3 was on 16th July 2021.

The change of the release date of Spider-man 3 forced Marvel Universe to alter the MCU phase 4 slate. Marvel studios delaying Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness to 2022 to avoid overlap with Sony’s movie. Marvel also planned to release Thor: Love and Thunder in earlier 2022. It is still unclear or mystery that these changes in dates will impact on the story of MCU in phase 4. But it’s quite obvious that marvel wouldn’t make these changes if it is not for the benefit of the franchise. Since the marvel wrapped up with Infinity saga with Avengers: Endgame and Spider-man: Far from Home. Many stories of MCU may diverge together in a future team-up film.

For a second, If we put this all things aside we will know one thing for sure after how much long wait movie will come, We will enjoy every bit of entertainment of Spider-man 3.

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