Things to take care to avoid Instapot Explosion

Things to take care to avoid Instapot Explosion

Most of the people in the present time are quite friendly with instapot devices. It is an extraordinary device that is programmable and packed with different amazing features. In fact, the issue of instant pot explosion is quite frequent in the present world. However, there are some precautions that can be taken in order to prevent this. Due to its immense advantages, the item has turned out to be a favorite appliance in every kitchen. It is also very convenient.

Follow the manual provided in the Instapot:

If you are using this device for the first time, then it is always advisable to use it only after reading the manual properly. In case of any doubt, you can clear it from the supplier or seller. Once everything is clear to you then you can start the cooker. 

Do not put enough liquid inside the pot:

Measure the total liquid while putting it inside the pot. Excessive liquid can lead to an explosion. It is better if you measure the liquid in a cup and then pour it in the cooker. Generally, 1 cup of water is enough for cooking conveniently. 

Add some thicker paste inside the pot:

It is better if the user puts some thicker paste inside the pot at the time of cooking. The thick gravy of cornstarch, arrowroot or flour can be the best in this case. You can add such paste after cooking for some time. 

Addition of milk or cream can also help the cooker from the explosion:

There are some items that may stick at the bottom of the cooker after some time. In such a case, it is good if you add a cup of milk or a small amount of cream inside the pot. It will prevent the food from getting a stick inside the cooker. There is less chance of explosion at the same time.

Be careful to seal the pot:

Always be careful to seal the pot after you have put everything inside the pot. Most of the explosion takes place due to the improper mode of sealing the pot. You can check it for safety. It is very essential to follow the sealing procedure at the same time. Make sure that you know exactly the process of sealing.

Instapot has turned out to be a very essential device in the present time. Although it has made cooking a very easy process still there are some guidelines that must be equally followed by the user in order to remain free from any type of explosion. Instapot explosions can be dangerous. 


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