This is how Eduardo Capetillo, Biby Gaytán's husband looked 29 years ago

From the trunk of memories! In social networks there is a video of the young gallant Eduardo Capetillo when he was part of the Timbiriche group 29 years ago, in the recording, the husband of Biby Gaytán interprets the success Don't be so cruel to me.

Eduardo Capetillo He was just around 21 years old when he made this presentation as a member of the group. Timbiriche and although he was not there Biby gaytanIf there were other famous and beautiful faces of the group, such as: Thalía, Paulina Rubio and Sasha Sokol.

The success Don't be so cruel to me was launched by the group in 1991 and in the video clip the fashion of those moments is more than evident, in which the young women wore "Quinceañera" style looks.

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Thalía, Sasha Sokol and Paulina Rubio looked stunning and glamorous dressed with their loose and tousled manes. In the video, the singers are apparently performing at a party and many young people dance during their performance.

The video has been shared by fans of the couple Eduardo Capetillo and Biby Gaytán, said channel has more than 29 thousand subscribers and the video has more than 110 thousand reproductions.

Eduardo and Biby got married in 1994, which has overcome all difficulties and is stronger than ever after 26 years together.

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The beautiful celebrity couple formed a beautiful family with their five children: Alejandra (21 years old), Eduardo (26 years old), Ana Paula (23 years old), Daniel and Manuel (6-year-old twins).

After a long pause away from the spotlight and headlines, the famous family made headlines again after it became known that the beautiful Biby gaytan would return to the stage in the show Chicago; Later they began participation in television and currently she will be the host of the Televisa program, Pequeños Gigantes.

At the time that the return to the stage of the beautiful actress and singer was revealed, rumors began to emerge of why Biby had retired from her artistic career, many say it was the jealousy of Eduardo Capetillo the ones that took her away from the spotlight.

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Later, more rumors spread, indicating that the family was in financial trouble and Capetillo had no choice but to allow his beautiful wife to return to theater and television.

But the attention on Biby grew more, to the point of creating a YouTube channel to share with her audience aspects of her day-to-day life, as well as makeup tips, exercise and others, showing that in addition to being a mother and talented, she is a beautiful woman who does not neglect her personal appearance.

But Alejanda and AnaPaula, their daughters, did not want to be left behind and ventured into the world of YouTube with a joint channel in which they show their charm with their followers.

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The family has not ceased to surprise day by day with its beauty, both Biby Gaytán (48 years old) and Eduardo Capetillo (50 years), they remain handsome and jovial despite the passage of time, but what surprises everyone the most is the impressive resemblance of their children to them.

Some say that the beautiful Biby looks like the sister of Eduardo, Ale and Ana Paula, every time they share photos together it is easy to think this.

In addition, an image was recently shared in which Biby was accompanied by her son and many thought that it was her husband; However, after looking twice, they realized that it was their first-born, who bears an enormous resemblance to Capetillo.

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