this is how Mr. Jingles, the mouse in the film with Tom Hanks, was chosen

Tonight back on TV The green mile, the famous 1999 film produced, written and directed by Frank Darabont, based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. This film in addition to being able to count on actors of the caliber in Tom Hanks e Michael Clarke Duncan, was also able to count on an exceptional star, the mouse interpreter of Mr. Jingles.

The rodent it was selected from more than 30 trained mice and apparently a very special protocol was followed on the set to allow him to do his difficult job. In fact, the interpreter of Mr. Jingles walked in the direction in which a red bowl with food had been placed, thus respecting, in an impeccable way, all the choices of the director. For scenes that are a bit more difficult, like the one in which John Coffey resurrects the rat trampled by the guard, however, it was decided to use computer graphics. After all, such an intelligent mouse could not have been killed for The Green Mile. For the entire duration of the film, among other things, the American Humane Association, an animal rights organization, investigated the condition of the mouse and all other animals involved in the film.

Over the years Mr. Jingles has become a real star of the cinema scene, and many even hope that he can be lived as long as the character he played. This appears somewhat unlikely since theaverage age of a mouse is 3 years while, that of the film has lived for more than 60 years, however, never say never.

In the past few hours, among other things, we have collected for you some curiosities of The Wings of Freedom, a film by Frank Darabont, also based on a work by Stephen King.

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