This is what the original Power Rangers look like 27 years later!


Have passed 27 years And of course the Power Rangers are still in the hearts of millions of people, but now many are wondering what was it what happened with the actors from the famous series.

The Power Rangers continue to be remembered to this day and their actors have changed a lot, so we will let you know how each one of them looks today.

This famous television series has been broadcast since 1993 on the Fox Kids channel from its beginning in August until September 2002.

It told the story of a group of teenagers who obtained superpowers from a source known as the metamorphosis web, a device that allowed them to transform to fulfill their mission to save the earth from the plans of the evil Rita Repulsa.

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The most incredible thing is that there are many generations that have grown up watching the different versions of this production, but here we tell you the news of the first characters to give life to the power Rangers: the eternal "Mighty Morphin", which is considered to be the best in history so far.

Unfortunately two characters from the show fell3ci3ron, Thuy Trang in 2001, who played the yellow ranger and Machiko Soga in 2006, who played the antagonist Rita Repulsa.

Austin St John, the Red Ranger

Austin worked as a paramedic for the US Army after impersonating the great leader of the Power Rangers.

From a very young age, he showed great skill in martial arts, which helped him when he played the first great leader. His importance to fans and the show is such that he made different appearances during the series: he acted as the golden ranger in Power Ranger Zeo and was a guest for the movie "Power Ranger Turbo."

He is currently executive producer of the video game "Black Salt Coreuption" and of the film "A gift of the heart" and "A walk with Grace".

This year he returned playing Jason Lee Scott again after almost 18 years of the red special forever making his appearance in Chapter 13 of the second season of "Power Rangers Beast Morphers". On this occasion he returned as a Legendary Ranger being a strong support for this new generation of heroes.

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David Yost, the blue ranger

David left the series in 1996, after feeling rejected and mistreated by the cast when they found out he was h0m0s3xual.

She participated in various artistic gymnastics competitions before entering college, studied communications and drama, and two years later began her rise to fame with Power Rangers.

Years later, Yost revealed that when the cast found out about his h0m0s3xuality, he was the victim of abuse and rejection, so he left the show in order to enter a healing therapy, which caused him a nervous breakdown for which he was hospitalized.

Currently, Yost is a defender of the rights of the LGBT community, in addition to participating in different events and conferences on comics, he also works as a producer of series and television programs.

Jason David Frank, the Green Ranger

He made his first on-screen appearance as Tommy Oliver, the green ranger, a casting he won thanks to his judo and taekwondo skills and Frank's life has been shaped by his character ever since.


After his departure from the program he has made small appearances on television and has worked for action films such as "The one warrior", also currently divides his time between martial arts, his YouTube channel and different events and conferences to which is invited.

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Amy Jo Johnson, the pink ranger

As a child, she dedicated her time to artistic gymnastics, but an injury prevented her from continuing her sports career, so she focused on acting and, thanks to her effort and dedication, she joined the cast of Power Rangers. He participated in the movie "Power Rangers Turbo" and in 2017 made a cameo for the most recent film in the saga.

He has worked for different projects in film and television and has ventured into the world of country music with the group "Valhalla".

Walter Emanuel Jones, the black ranger

After his participation in the series, he has been linked to the entertainment industry, has been invited to different events related to the saga and has worked in some films and series such as "The Shield"

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He currently works as a voice actor for animations for television and video games, including "Red Dead Redemption".

Thuy Trang, the yellow ranger

She was always a great student and won a scholarship to study civil engineering at the University of California, but she preferred to start her acting career by giving life to Trini Kwan, the yellow ranger.

After retiring from the series he participated in the movie "The Crow: City of Angels", but decided to leave acting to finish his studies and start new projects.

Sadly, Thuy Trang lost his life at the age of 27 on September 3, 2001 in a car accident.

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Paul Schrier, Farkas Bulk Bulkheimer

He has been one of the actors who has participated the most in the saga, since he was part of all generations until "Power Rangers Wild Force" and reappeared in 2012 for "Power Rangers Samurai".

Jason Narvy, Skull

He has a Ph.D. in theater studies from the University of California, is also certified as a combat actor by the British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat and is currently Professor of New Actors at Concordia University in Chicago.

Richard Steven Horvitz, Alpha

She began her artistic career as a commercial model and long before voicing Alpha she worked for films such as "Summer School".

After his participation in the series, he continued to lend his voice to different animated characters in film, television and video games. He has participated in popular animations such as "Kim Possible", "Dave the Barbarian", "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" and "Ben 10."

Today he continues to lend his voice to different projects and teaches his own voice actor workshop in Dallas.

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David John Fielding, Zordon

Since his departure from the program he has lent his voice for radio and video game characters; In addition, he has a degree in fine arts so he also teaches other actors.

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