Thunder Michelle Renaud and Danilo Carrera from "Wanting it all"

Michelle Renaud y Danilo Carrera They confirmed the end of their romance after some rumors began to circulate regarding this situation a few weeks ago.

Despite the fact that the now ex-couple had denied this scenario at the time, the actors used their Instagram accounts to send the same message, ensuring that despite their love breakup, they will continue to work as great friends and colleagues in the soap opera in which they star.

With an emotional message, Michelle Renaud, who stars alongside Danilo Carrera, "Want it all"He shared on his Instagram account that they are separating, the decision would come by mutual agreement, making it known both on their respective social networks.

With all the sadness in the world, but knowing that nobody takes it away from us, we want to tell you that we have decided to end our beautiful relationship. Today we love each other more than ever.

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In the same way, he reiterated that although they have made this decision, both will continue to be friends and companions in the history that they still star in.

We had a lot of learning together and we thank you for all the affection for our relationship. Do not worry that only the romantic relationship ends but never our friendship and great companionship ... We are still very happy to be working together in WANTING IT ALL ”. It can be read on the artists' networks along with a photograph where both appear smiling.

Without talking about the details that led them to make this decision, it should be remembered that the speculations of his thunder pointed to his castmate, Scarlet Gruber, as the third in discord in this relationship, who later decided to talk about these versions.

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However, for several months, rumors about problems between the couple already sounded very strong in the corridors of the television station, a person very close to this production would reveal some of the "crises" the couple was going through, which also made it very uncomfortable the environment of the production, he confessed.

What was your relationship like?

As revealed by a past publication of Tv Notes, an alleged interview with one of those who collaborate in said production who shared some details that undoubtedly showed the problems between the two.

According to the source, sometimes Danilo and Michelle would arrive at the forum without even speaking to each other and even seek to escape and every time there was a break they would engulf themselves in their cell phone so as not to see their faces, this put everyone in check and wasted the effort of the who worked in history.

Well, we were used to seeing them together all the time and now each one comes by his own side, they do not speak to each other, they do not turn to see each other at all. For two weeks in the forums there has been a tremendous tension, because it shows that things are not well between them, and what need we have to live this.

On the other hand, the supposed collaborator hinted that Michelle Renaud "was a girl who deserved someone better by her side." About the actor, Danilo Carrera, described that he is a "pushy" and "manipulative" person.

It is, I tell you that I have seen and heard how horrible people express himself, I would not be surprised if their problems are caused by him. She is in love with a jerk.

Finally, the author of the alleged statements would reveal that in a nutshell, "he manipulated her at will", so he hoped that at some point he would realize it and "send him flying."

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Scarlet Gruber clears up rumors

Recently, the crises between the two have taken on a strong relevance again after apparently, "infidelity" was the last straw that broke the camel's back.

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It was Scarlet Gruber, who after the controversy that linked her romantically with the actor decided to break the silence and clarify her relationship with Danilo, after being singled out as the supposed "third in disagreement." This was what he said:

No, Danilo has a partner, Michelle Renaud and the truth is that the three of us get along very well, we are very professional, so that is not going to happen, the stars are not going to line up for that, said the Venezuelan actress on the program Today.


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