Titanic and the true story of Jack Dawson

The films, even if they are based on real events, there are some data that are altered or simply are not as stated, such is the case of "Titanic" and the true story of J. Dawson, so we will tell you a little about his life.

The protagonist of the story in the film was Jack dawson, who saves his love Rose DeWitt Bukater.

However, in real life, yes existed a man with that last name and also was on the famous ship.

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Joseph Dawson, who was on the Titanic, was born in September from 1888 in Dublin, Ireland. Her parents were Patrick Dawson and Catherine Madden.

Dawson had a sister Younger named Maggie Dawson and had been born in the year 1892.

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At the age of 19, he enlisted in the army and he joined the medical corps and worked in the military hospital called Royal Victoria Hospital, which was known as Netley Hospital.

He was a man of average height and weight with brown hair and dark eyes, and he wore a scar on the forehead on the left side.

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Three years after serving in the military, Dawson was transferred to the reserve forces on July 20, 1911.

Decided to return to Southampton and started working in the industry maritime and he worked on the British ocean liner called Majestic in the fall of 1911.

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When he worked there he became very friend from a firefighter who also worked on different ships, Arthur John Priest.

Subsequently, he introduced him to his sister and some sources claim that the courtship, since when you boarded the Titanic the address you placed was "17 Britons Street. Southampton “, where the John Priest family lived.

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On the Titanic, Dawson was in charge of move coal to workers in the kilns.

Also, he had the important work to see that the coal piles were distributed correctly to keep the ship in balance.

That is why it is very likely that it was one of the first people to realize the impact the ship had against the iceberg.

Unfortunately, Joseph could not be saved in this tragedy, but his body could be recovered from the frozen waters of the Atlantic.


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