To Not Die Chapter 108 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

To Not Die Chapter 108 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Previously, Dajoon and Dochang had an argument. Readers want to know who will come out on top in the struggle in To Not Die Chapter 108. Cha Daeyeop & Dajoon launched an assault on Dochang and his gang. Dajoon protected Cha Daeyeop from being hit by a fellow gang member.

Cha Daeyeop lauded Dajoon’s help but revealed that he had relied on Hangil’s strategy to protect Dajoon. How Dajoon learned to do it was a mystery to him.

Dajoon reassured him as he was not just killing time during their separation. Despite knowing that Dajoon was unable to reach Dochang’s hair until the very end, Dochang was still unable to dodge the impact of his fist. To him, it didn’t seem like a coincidence.

Cha Daeyeop was so appreciative that he remarked on how Dajoon’s defensive maneuver reminded him of Hangil’s, prompting him to wonder where Dajoon had learned such a thing. Dochang was perplexed by the unexplainable link when Dajoon admitted that he hadn’t been idle throughout their separation.

To Not Die Chapter 108 is almost ready for publication, and the anticipation among readers is palpable. Previously, Dajoon and Dochang had an argument. As Cha Daeyeop, Dajoon, & Dochang’s men argued, fighting broke out. Dajoon intervened as one of the gang members attempted to attack Cha Daeyeop.

To Not Die Chapter 108 Release Date:

The next chapter of To Not Die is scheduled for a 9:30 AM KST publication on October 26, 2023.

To Not Die Chapter 108 Trailer Release:

There is, in fact, a video preview for Chapter 108 of To Not Die.

To Not Die Chapter 108 Storyline:

After losing Hangil to Haegwang a year before, Dochang knew he was hopeless versus Haegwang at the time. Over the last year, he had put in excessive effort to improve his powers since he knew he had to get stronger to exact his retribution.

Dochang failed to see Dajoon’s talent because he was focused on defeating Hangil. After they fought, he saw that Dajoon was hiding some of his genuine skills.

He wasn’t sure what it was that Dajoon expected of him. Dajoon remembered the times Hangil had trained him for the roof and assured him that the effort will pay off in the end. Im Dajoon thought it was important to use Hangil’s training methods and approaches in order to continue his legacy.

Dochang saw through Im Dajoon’s guise of power and warned him against attempting to follow in Jo Hangil’s footsteps. After failing to recognize his station, Hangil threw himself at Haegwang and was killed, as Dochang pointed out.

Dochang noted that Hangil was simply an inept man, but Im Dajoon couldn’t take it and told Dochang to be quiet. Dochang’s father was the head of a company in the past. He was the sort of leader that looked out for his employees.

They fought often because Dochang’s dad treated his gang like family and seldom paid any thought to his own kids.

Dochang’s father reportedly assured his son that he would learn the group’s ideals after taking over the business. Once upon a time, Dochang looked up to his father and admired him for the way he managed the family and business. He admired him and hoped to be as successful as he was.

However, his father’s attempts were overwhelmed by the company’s expansion. Their mounting debt and deteriorating relationship ultimately led to their bankruptcy.

He then made the conscious decision not to repeat the mistakes of his inept parentage and took issues into his personal hands. As of right now, Dochang has said that he and Jo Hangil are not cut out to be leaders.

Once upon a time, Im Dajoon looked up to Jo Hangil and hoped to emulate his strength by adopting some of Jo Hangil’s training methods. Since he would never be able to match Hangil’s strength, the latter advised him to focus on mastering its many applications.

Dochang saw though Im Dajoon’s power play and urged him not to make the same mistakes as Jo Hangil. By hurling himself at Haegwang, Hangil committed suicide, and Dochang brought this to Hangil’s attention.

When Dochang joked that Hangil was simply a bumbling idiot, Im Dajoon snapped at him and urged him to shut up. In the past, Dochang’s father served as CEO of a major corporation. The staff appreciated his compassionate leadership approach.

As a result of Dochang’s father treating the others like family & paying little attention to his own children, numerous arguments broke out between the siblings.

Dochang’s father allegedly told him that when he took over the business, he would completely understand the beliefs held by the organization’s members.

Once upon a time, Dochang admired his father for the way he ran the family and the company. He looked up to him and aspired to emulate his accomplishment one day.

Unfortunately, the firm failed because his father’s job was too much for him to handle. Their rising debt and falling apart as a couple drove them to declare bankruptcy.

He decided to take issues into himself instead of continuing in his father’s footsteps. Dochang now claims he & Jo Hangil lack the leadership skills necessary to take over.

Im Dajoon utilized to think highly of Jo Hangil because of how powerful he was. He aspired to be as influential as Jo Hangil someday. Hangil cautioned him against trying to compete with his power, saying he should instead train to become an expert in violent self-defense.

Where To Watch To Not Die Chapter 108?

The English translation of To Not Die Chapter 108 is now available online at Webtoon. Naver Webtoon, Manhwa Hot, and Manga Monster all have translated versions of Chapter 108 available to their readers, but the raw form can be found on Naver Webtoon.

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