tomorrow at 17 live in the company of VictorLaszlo88

Godzilla vs. Kong will be visible from tomorrow, May 6, throughout Italy through the on demand platforms, and for the occasion we at Everyeye will talk about it in more detail in a live in the company of Victorlazlo88, analyzing the contents and peculiarities of the latest Adam Wingard film and the fourth chapter of the Monster Fresh.

For the occasion, follow us on our social channels on Twitch and Youtube, where you can also find many other updates on the main news in terms of cinema, video games and much more. Also available is our review of Godzilla vs. Kong, where we describe it as “a miscellany in a broad sense of concepts, virtuosity and errors already established in the MonsterVerse for years, only able to emerge compared to the past of the franchise as regards the clarity and direction of the clashes, which already from the title are a primary factor of the project“.

If in the Bel Paese the vision will be possible only in digital format, in the United States was released in cinemas on March 31, scoring the best result at the box office for a film released during the pandemic of Covid-19, also becoming the most watched film ever on the platform HBO Max. If you want to learn more, here are also our interviews with the cast of Godzilla vs Kong.

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