Toño Mauri has dealt with the virus and reveal the treatment he underwent

Everything seemed to indicate that the actor's health Toño Mauri was at risk in the last days after the news of having contracted the virus of covid-19, however, one treatment he underwent may have been his salvation.

After being hospitalized after contracting the virus, the state of health of the actor Toño Mauri was reported as delicate in different media, including the news that circulated alarmed everyone after it was revealed that he was very serious in intensive care.

However, one of his close relatives spoke about it and revealed the true details regarding the state of Health of the interpreter.

He also pointed out that the artist underwent a treatment in order to overcome the condition and apparently he is succeeding.

In recent days it became known about the treatment that he is taking to save his life and that is that it consists of the procedure that has been applied to several people to at least be able to combat the condition at some point.

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It is the application of plasma of people who have recovered after being infected, among its benefits, they point out, stimulates the ability to combat virus in those who are infected.

Was the sister of the actor, who explained what really happens with the health of the interpreter, reiterating that his condition is not as serious as it was thought, since he always acted immediately and timely to be treated.

They immediately started with a protocol that has worked wonderfully, they put plasma on it… ”, said Graciela Mauri, the artist's sister, during a recent interview with the Ventaneando television program.

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In the same way, he explained how said works treatment in the body

When a person is infected and cured, they create antibodies, and if that person later donates blood, those antibodies work for the other people who are infected, as if it were a vaccine… ”, he said of the treatment that continues to be tested in various parts of the world .

For this reason, the also singer He pointed out that his brother after contracting the condition is willing to donate plasma to support in the same way that they did with him, since thanks to this treatment he has come forward, he said

Toño is very grateful and says that he is going to have to donate plasma now, because he wants to help others as they helped him, because this is what has really helped him and they also put him on a blood thinner… ”

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He artist shared in past days with his followers on Instagram, a statement in which he informed the audience that he had been infected with the virus, Mauri He added to the chilling statistics of the victims that this dangerous condition adds, which also affected other members of his family.

Hello, thank you all very much for caring about my health, and that of my family, thank God we are doing well, improving every day. I had to go to the hospital and soon I will be home. Thanks to all the medical and health team who are heroes without capes and deserve all our respect. Let us continue to pray for them and for the end of this pandemic. Thank you for your prayers and for the love you always have.

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What would be the benefits of convalescent plasma?

According to reports from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, you are named plasma convalescent to the liquid part of the blood collected from patients who have recovered from covid-19They develop antibodies in the blood against the virus, which are proteins that can help fight infection

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The organism indicates, "the convalescent plasma is investigated for the treatment of Covid-19 since there is no other treatment for this disease and there is information to suggest that this procedure may help some patients recover.

Plasma is the only alternative treatment so far that has helped people infected with the virus. Pixabay

There is also the possibility that these same patients may donate plasma for other people and save other lives. Those who prefer it and want to do so must undergo a diagnosis prior and documented by a laboratory test.

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The body also notes that "a negative laboratory test for the active condition of covid-19It is not necessary to qualify for the donation ”.

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