Top 10 recommended series and movies for today

The weekend has begun and this time we will tell you that it is the most recommended to watch within the Netflix platform, as several new features have reached the famous content application, so do not miss them.

The Weekend It has already started and if you still do not have plans, one option that is always viable is to watch Netflix, since it is a streaming platform that offers us many hours of entertainment.

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In a catalog of thousands of proposals such as Netflix, there are a few series Y films Essential for anyone who wants to see good cinema and good fiction: Spanish, American, European, among others.

The truth is that it is not easy to follow all the recommendations and be aware of all the content that Netflix publishes daily.

Or go back and review its more than a thousand series and almost 3,000 films that it has in its catalog, so if you want to recover time, we have selected the best.

So next, we tell you what is the top 10 series and movies to start enjoying today:


Who killed Sara?

Since its premiere, this series has attracted the attention of all users, and it keeps you on the edge of the seat.

The story centers on Alex who is accused of having killed his sister, to prove his innocence he will be willing to do anything, even to reveal the deepest secrets of his family.

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One of the best animated films of DreamWorks, without a doubt, is Shrek, which tells the story of an ogre who, together with the help of a donkey, has to go to rescue a princess.

It is worth mentioning that what stands out the most about this film is of course its humorous tone.



It is a suspense film in which a mother wants the best for her daughter; however, the best may end up being the worst.


Shrek 2

Such was the great success of the first installment, that it was impossible to make a second part.

This time Shrek and Fiona will travel to the kingdom of Far Far Away to meet the ogre's in-laws.


Hacker: threat on the network

Chris Hemsworth, plays a hacker who will be released on probation, only if he helps the Chinese and American governments to catch a cyber terrorist.


Demon Slayer

This anime series tells the story of Tanjiro, who sets out on a journey to find the cure that frees his sister from a curse. Likewise, he will also seek revenge on the demon that killed his family.


Just say yes

This Netflix original movie tells the story of Lotte, who will have to deal with her self-centered sister, who is about to get married.


100 days to fall in love

The story of '100 days to fall in love' is centered on three couples, the main couple and in which most of the story revolves, is made up of Constanza Franco (Ilse Salas) and Plutarco (Erick Elías); who, having problems in their marriage, decide to give themselves a 100-day break, and after this period of time, they will decide if they decide to continue with their marriage or end it permanently.

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Zombie Station 2: Peninsula

A former soldier and his team will return to a South Korea contaminated with zombies, there they will meet a family that they will try to remove from the country.


A rooster with many eggs

Toto's story continues and now he is a real rooster, which to help his farm master not run away, he is willing to enter the cockfighting.



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