Top 5 best magnetic car mount reviews 2021 with buying guide

Top 5 best magnetic car mount reviews 2021 with buying guide

In the era of accidents and rash driving, driving safely has become so prominent. You are the one who will take care of yourself. While going, no one wants any disturbance, especially on highways.

But most accidents occur in such places, holding the phone in one hand and wheel in the other. This can lead you to a significant loss.

The technology world has always been concerned about its contemporaries, introducing a magnetic phone car mount. This can change your whole life.

They have been brought to the market to put your phone and the road in the same line of view, making it possible to focus all your attention on the wheel and still could take a glimpse on your phone. Is it not cool?

Best magnetic car mount reviews 2021 with buying guide

So this post is going to help you in picking up the best phone car mount. Here is the list of the top 5 magnetic car mounts.

  1. Car Phone Mount- Vansky 3- in- 1 Universal Phone Holder Cell Phone Car air vent Holder Dashboard Mount

This is so easy to employ. You have to attach your phone or GPS device safely to any flat surface of the car utilizing this car mount, and it will remain there until you remove the magnetic car mount from your cell phone.

This mount has influential suction cups that grip the device securely within your reach, and you can easily view your mobile without troubling yourself or slipping. That is how you learn to use the most prominent or valuable functions of the Smartphone, like answering calls on the speaker.

You can easily see maps and hear instructions and reach your destination.  In short, this is a lifesaver. This helps you a lot in many ways.


This gives you a Smart look of 3- in-one design which permits you to attach it to the dashboard, air vent, windshield, or wall-mounted depending on what works for you.

It has a 360-degree angle that will direct you or let you decided your comfort zone, whichever angle fits you. You need to press a button to release the clamps on your phone, making it a cinch to employ.

The best and heart-winning part about this product is it has an easy and quick installation that does not need any other tools. It just takes one easy press on your button of development, and there you can go! Moreover, what I have liked about the look, it has a tremendous look.


  • It is compatible with any Smartphone between 3.5″ and 7″ diagonal height.
  • The soft padding protects scratches on your phone and car.


  1. iOttie Easy One-touch magnetic phone car mounts

Whenever you pick up any gadgets or devices, it depends a lot on your comfort zone and what exactly you need or demand. iOttie Easy One-touch magnetic phone car mounts are topping the list of most comfy and convenient viewing angles with this device.

It has powerful suction cups that keep your phone stable during heavy jerks. So your phone will be safe. It has one of the best, which I am sure you were going to love it and this feature is a rare thing to be found that is a Swivel feature that function allows you to rotate your phone.

However, you want or to your comfortable angle. So you will be able to ignore the light from the phone.


Iottie car mount is easy to employ, even for people who are new to car mounts. It will be best to preserve your phone from dirty marks on your windshield or catches on your phone because of rubber construction at the base.

Or if you are still worrying you get the point of using it but are still confused with how you will release it, then you have to touch the lock, your phone will be again in your hand, it gets free in the one-touch lock, and that is how you release your phone.

It has universal mounting and a comfortable one-touch lock/ release, compatible with all phone and case combinations from 2.3″- 3.5″. But before installation check, it’s both the surface area and the product itself have a temperature of more than 40F.

Second, you will have to care for the next 30 minutes before installing, and it takes time to adjust the pad and let your phone sit there.


  • It has a telescopic arm that extends from 4.9″ to 8.3.”
  • It has backed by a 1-year hassle-free guarantee.
  • Does work with Samsung and LG
  • It has an easy one-touch mechanism that releases and locks the phone quickly
  • 360- degree swivel ball progresses viewing
  • It has a fitting capacity in the CD slot.


  1. Veckle Magnetic Phone Car mounts

With a bright look, you will get a beautiful handy magnetic phone car mount. It holds the phone very tightly. So even during jerks, your phone will not get into any trouble.

It has given a powerful magnetic head that offers safe and secured hold, allowing your phone to be infirm positions even on tricky roads. So the impact of road vibration will not touch your phone.


You must have heard about the CD slot phone mount. Veckle magnetic phone car mount is the one. So it needs installing and removing using screws.

Suppose your concern has been about perfect angles. In that case, you should worry less because Veckle has been designed by keeping customer’s needs and choices on the top priority. As a result, this device can rotate to your desired angle. In addition, it can be swiveled in 360 degrees to let you enjoy the comfiest and comfortable viewing angles.

The best part about Veckle magnetic is that everyone loves it, and people say the reason is pretty apparent who wants to leave such a device that gives the perfect angle. In addition, it fits with every Smartphone as it has three side holds, which a silicone layer has covered to prevent your CD player from scratches and marks.

It means the person who will be traveling with you too will not have any problem. So this one is a must-try device.


  • It provides a 12-month warranty so that you will be free for an entire year.
  • It has three roof designs with wider blades which gives more security and safety.
  • Also, it has an attractive look and beautiful features.


  1. Mpow Car Phone Mount – (Best Magnetic Phone Car Mounts)

The name might be sounding weird, but the product is advantageous. Before I get started, let me begin with its look, the very first thing which will steal your attention is the design of your model. It has an attractive face which makes it different from other models. It will truly compliment your car and your personality.


Mpow has a potent ultra-sticky suction pad that allows your phone to make a good gip with this device because it will keep your phone in one place. So while driving, you will not have to look or take care of your cell phone, whether it is good or not.

It can even be safe on tricky roads. It has everything you would have desired for a magnetic car mount.

If we talk about its base, then it has been attached to the dashboard. It has a telescopic arm that can be extended from 4.6″ to 6.6,” and that is how it allows you some good angles for viewing and having better sights of your phone.

If you want, you can quickly readjust the arm’s width from 1.63″ to 3.5″. The best part about all the devices is that Mpow has sponge cushions on the mount. So if you have suffered from having scratches on your phone, then in the company of Mpow, forget this issue. It indeed keeps your phone in the safe zone.


  • It has excellent color choices given to pick up according to your taste and preference.
  • There are folding feet available, so whenever you want, you may enable easy charging.


  1. Mpow Cell phone

If you want to have an excellent featured magnetic car mounting, Mpow is the exact product you searched for. It has built a faithful relationship with its users and earned good reviews. It meets your desire to have a fantastic device inside your car. So it gives you a long-term goal because of its long arm with a sturdy base.


It has been made with high aluminum material long arm up to 8 inches you will be able to have close sight of everything that is happening in your phone. The tremendous flexibility will make you feel good or happy for picking up this device.

You will have to be careful with the device during summers only because you cannot bring this into direct contact with the sun because this will be harmful to your phone, and it will ultimately affect the features of your car mount.

The device makes everything easy for every user. It means even if you are an old citizen, you will not have to struggle with your device and with the technology of the 21st century. It has straightforward installation and removal. You have to press one push-button fixation design.

Moreover, it has a very firm sticky gel suction pad which makes an easy stick to the windshield or most surface areas and keeps your cell phone safe and sound, as it is! But you must be thinking you have understood the installation process of the Mpow device. What is the removal process of this device?

It is straightforward. You need to press a quick-release button, and their phone will be in your hands again. No one wants to struggle because, first, people do not have much time. Second, people want to maintain peace of mind. So this easy process will take care of both your needs and priority.

People call it universal fit because it has a solid reason for that it has been designed with one-button released function, the width of holder can be flexible which allows your phone in adjusting quickly and in a better way, the size will be from 4.0″ – 6.0″, which is a standard size for iPhones 7/6s/ 6, Google Nexus 5/4, HTC and GPS device. So you can easily predict how wonderful this device is.

If you leave this device, you will regret it later, but if you pick up this device, you will thank yourself and this post later. So now the decision is yours, make a wise choice and a smart choice.

The last thing you should know about this device is it has 360-degree rotation. Is it not cool? It provides you complete freedom of comfortable adjustment, and there you will be able to transform your view into a scenic one with different angles. In addition, the extra sponge dashboard given to the device provides more stability and safety.


  • It has an extra suction pad to maintain stability or stillness.
  • There is one push button that makes things straightforward in installing and removing the phone.


Perfect buying guide

Straightforward to employ – These magnetic car mounts have been designed especially for you all to make your life easy and comfortable, so the process is also easy to understand. If you are shivering using it the first time because you are a complete fresher, you do not need to worry about it.

Your mobile will not get damaged, and it just takes few minutes to adjust the mobile in magnetic car mount. It does not have any heavyweight, which became a myth in the minds of people. They are complete of lightweights with a motto of keeping your phone safe.

Nonmessy – If you embark on a comparison between your device and other devices, these magnetic car mounts are indeed promising with their features and products. It does not leave any mark of glue on the surface or discoloration.

The good part about this device is that it will not peel the material or break the fins in the air vents. In addition, they have lightweight so it does not have any thought grip which could damage your phone.

Elegant outlook, chick features – In the modern era where clothes to the sweeping machine have become so chic, you can go for these fashionable magnetic car mounts.

They have been designed purposely to give you a good outlook so that when you sit in your car, you can have a complete feel of royal. So now you know you could give yourself some better treatment.

If you are particular in some colors, dude, then you have everything you need. These devices are available in a wide range of colors so that you can pick up your favorite one.

Minimal Obstruction – The myth needs to end with this article that it will affect your phone. These devices are good enough in providing space-saving designs with small sizes, and of course, lightweight is the top priority. So everything is there, what you need, what you need to do is just order.

Or, if you are still stuck with the conflict that it will peel off your material or break the fins, you should not be thinking this. Instead, you should be ordering this device.

These devices have been designed so that you do not need to struggle to adjust your phone to these devices. At any point you feel like changing its angle, then you can go ahead with this facility.

Strong Magnetism – The one thing that is topping the list of this device and playing a pivotal role in making it a desirable magnetic car mounting is the magnet that engineers have used in it, which is why you are getting attracted to this device. So you will be free from this thought while you will drive your phone could skip the damages because these devices give a firm grip that does not let your phone slip from car mounts.

Secondly, you will not have to invest your energy to interfere in mobile functions because of intense magnetism. No, it is absolutely no. You will be accessible in using your mobile the way you want, so whether it be your GPS, Bluetooth, or signal receptions, this device will not be anywhere.

Multiple quality – This magnetic car mounting gives you numerous reasons to pick up these car mounts because it offers good flexibility. Moreover, if you want, you could employ them on different mobiles. It does not matter whether you have HTC, iPhone, or Samsung. These devices will fit with every type of mobile.

The second thing that comes into your concern is that these devices even fit in almost every car, and it is useable in the most dashboard or air vents. So do not worry about glue. It will not at all spoil your dashboard supports or vent fins. So you could easily employ these devices without getting troubled much and struggling in adjusting your mobile in your car.

Plan any trip in the company of this magnetic car mount and go wherever you want, or as long as you want to drive, these devices are entirely okay with it. It means it is giving you the freedom of enjoying a desirable magnetic car mounting.

Advantages of having magnetic car mounting  

The cell phone has become part and partial of your life, so you cannot ignore the facilities or services it needs. But it becomes difficult handling both the things together with your phone and the strings of your car.

Even though your call is vital or other things on your mobile, you survive there. The company has brought some pretty fantastic magnetic car mounting to end your survival. Once you buy these magnetic car mountings, you will be free from this trouble too, and life will take another gear of comfort.

The best part about these magnetic car mounting is it gives you precisely what you have demanded. It ultimately tries to meet your level of satisfaction with this device and give you a good experience.

There are so many profits from using magnetic car mounting. Being a responsible citizen, you must take care of road rules and contribute to your role in your country. So employing magnetic car mounts lessens the possibility of accidents or misunderstanding. Plus it will keep your mobile and you safe.

It has everything you need, such as a good hold for your mobile, a very flexible, easy installation process, no fitting issues, and easy removals. The best and eye-catching part about this device is that it is affordable at a very reasonable price and it fits with almost every sort of mobile, so even in the future you change your cell phone you will not have to switch car mounting. 


So being a device lover, you must not leave this device. Everyone must have this magnetic car mounting which will work as a life changer in your life. These devices give you an essential goal if you ever have hunted a suitable holding device for your mobile.

These devices will be a great help to you. It will save your life, plus it will also protect others’ lives by keeping you both safe from accidents. In addition, you will not miss your bose’s call and will not get any scolding for that neither will you have any fights with your wife nor husband you will miss reunions with your friends.

Or you will get an update on what is happening around you. So I think these devices are indeed great. The last thing you must know is that you do not need to think twice about the magnetic car’s features because these devices promise you outstanding and faithful functions that are easy to use for any age of people.

If you want not to miss out on this device, go on Amazon and find the best deals and desirable products and order them. Because this device is not in the list of confusion but is definitely in the list of ‘must buy.’

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