Travis Scott is almost crushed by crowd at McDonald's


Recently the interpreter of "Antidote" Travis Scott and also the father of Stormie daughter he had with Kylie Jenner, appeared at a McDonald's and was almost crushed by a crowd.

The name of the rapper Travis Scott has become a trend not only because of his relationship with Kylie jenner but because the news was shared that created a new menu within the McDonald's franchise, becoming a phenomenon.

As you may recall, the rapper collaborated with the fast food restaurant franchise creating a special menu in addition to different products. For a long time, this McDonald's collaboration with the rap star musician has been announced for a long time.

The news drove the millions of followers of the rapper crazy who already imagined he would have to appear at some point promoting his collaboration directly in one of the franchise restaurants.

Indeed the rapper appeared in Downey, California, United States in one of the restaurants, the people who found out that he would be present at the place gathered to attend, however there were so many people who attended that it became a crowd , who wanted to say hello to Travis was almost crushed.

It could be said that he lived one of the most stressful moments of his life, although he is used to being surrounded by large crowds he has always been protected either on stage or away from his admirers giving his presentations, this time he was much more near.

Travis Scott is the first celebrity to be honored with this recognition in addition to Michael Jordan in 1992, naming a menu in his honor, which was worth the trip to that place.

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Unfortunately everything got out of place, as it is said that Scott had to run out of place to avoid being run over by his followers who had provided the security barriers from the entrance doors.

The rapper was doing a live show when everything got out of control, so much so that from being excited by the official presentation of the menu to practically on the run for his life, as his fans quickly began to follow and surround him, on several occasions he was heard saying They stopped but they didn't, so he opted to run.

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On the internet several videos have been sharing about what happened, on his Instagram account in which he has around 32 million 500 thousand followers, he has given himself the task of promoting the franchise and its menu which includes a 1 / 4 pound, with cheese, bacon, lettuce, BBQ sauce, soda and medium French fries.

Some Internet users are sad, those who do not live in the United States since the Travis-inspired menu is only being sold in that country, it is not known if the market will expand, some hope so because they want to consume in the franchise, and Acquire the rapper's hamburgers and products.

Although he was already famous for his music, Travis began to be much better known from the moment he began a relationship with the younger sister of the Kardashian Jenner clan who after being pregnant waited for their relationship to be formalized Kylie Jenner wanted to get married and have a family with Travis Scott.

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However, the rapper had other plans, because he did not want to get married so quickly although he is delighted with his beautiful daughter, he wanted to continue enjoying the single life without having so many responsibilities as a husband.

Given this, Kylie did not have to separate from him because she wanted the opposite, so far both have a cordial relationship thanks to their daughter and that apparently did not end on bad terms.

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