Trisha’s Movie Raangi to be releasing on OTT plateform?

Trisha’s Movie Raangi to be releasing on the OTT platform?

Trisha’s the most amazing actress and was coming up with an amazing movie called ‘Raangi’ which is a thriller movie and all she was waiting for it to release in a theatre. Still, because of the situation of COVID, it may release on some OTT platforms.

This film is based on how powerful a woman can be in her entire life. Everyone here knows that the film’s teaser was quite intense was so deep with the message that I can not wait for the picture as we know that the cops have arrested her in the first poster of her movie. Also, the film has one more Malayalam actress called Anaswara Rajan.

As we all know that the film is directed by Saravanan of Engeyum Eppothum fame and the production house is Lyca Productions.

The story and dialogues are given by Ace director AR Murugadoss, and CSathya gives the music. Also, the cinematography and editing are done by Shakthi and Mubarak. Overall, the film is ready to release on OTT platforms, yet that decision is not final.

Raangi – A women centric film

As we know by watching the outstanding film trailer, this movie is based on how a woman can be brave, intelligent, and smart. Overall this film revolves around women’s empowerment.

A year ago, the teaser amazed the internet, and since then, fans are waiting for this movie, especially the female fans. Also, the drastic change in Trisha’s body has taken place because of the work she is doing.

The movie’s poster did an absolutely amazing job, and then the teaser was outstanding a year ago, and the trailer of this movie is solid. So we can not wait for the movie to release.

This actress is so much into her character, and she is doing her role so well that all the females out there are very proud of her.

Also, she is famous for her other movies too, like last year she gave a movie with Vijay Sethupathi, and now she gave a cameo appearance in the movie Petta with the great Rajnikanth.

She also played lead roles in movies like Mohini and Nayagi. From then she is playing many lead characters in many such movies.

She is a great female actress with lots of enthusiasm, and she is brave for such characters. She perfectly fits in every role, and that is the reason why people love her so much.

Also, movies like Paramapatham Vilaiyattu and Garjana are waiting. Their shooting is done by her but still waiting for the release date. And this movie Raangi, is currently coming out. People are so excited about this movie and so the actress.

She has been working so hard for this movie, and the only reason behind this movie is a women-centric movie that she always wanted to do, and that is the utmost reason she eagerly waiting for to release.

But as of right now, the release date is not fixed yet, and the platform on which the movie is going to launch. Besides, this is an action movie where Trisha will be acting so brave, and the work done by her in the movie is so smartly done.

Her moves are definitely smooth and clear. Trisha will be shooting with a gun and has done the action sequel without stunt doubles, and that is, I think, a big thing for her.

As the conditions for corona have worsened again, it is not wrong to state that OTT may just be the best medium for entertainment right now, so it was very much expected of the movies and web series to all having a deal done with the Digital platforms. As of now, there is no announcement regarding the release date and streaming platform.

All we are waiting for this movie to come out and watch her outstanding and amazing performance. This kind of movie will give us the idea of being strong and brave whatever the situation is, and what may come, you should not be weak in front of anyone.

We know that the time is much worsened, and also it is not wrong If they want to release the movie on OTT platforms because I think they are thinking of people’s safety and precautions.

Also, the public should not get infected by such COVID situations because we know that the situation right now is just out of control and can not be in control if we do not take any precautions and the situations seriously.

If we come into contact with others, it might infect us somehow. Nowadays, the whole family is getting infected by this virus.

We should take safety measures, and the directors and producers are not at all wrong by taking and thinking such safety measures.

For any updates, you should stay connected to this website and keep you updated on every news. Also, stay safe and keep updated yourself by this website. And do watch the teaser if you have not yet. And I bet you will find it amazing.

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