True Lies, when Arnold Schwarzenegger risked his life on the set of James Cameron's film

True Lies, a 1994 romantic action written and directed by James Cameron starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis, returns tonight on Mediaset 20. What you may not know, though, is who the movie is filming you nearly cost the Terminator star his life.

The actor told this story for the first time in 2016, during an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session organized on Reddit. When a fan asked him what situation had brought him "closer to death", in fact, Schwarzenegger cited the behind the scenes of the scene on horseback by True Lies revealing that he risked one fall from 30 meters high.

"You probably remember the riding scene from True Lies. There was a shot where the horse had to stop me at the edge of a building. They built a small ramp to give the horse more time to stop, but when they measured the new distance from the camera, they dropped the camera arm on the horse's nose, which went crazy and started to rear ", revealed the actor. "There were no guards and the ramp was just over a meter wide. I realized it was a bad situation and I immediately slipped off the horse, and a stuntman grabbed me. It was a really scary moment. gone wrong, we would have fallen on a 30-meter concrete floor. These stories are why I will always love stuntmen. "

For other curiosities, we remind you that the film also features the famous striptease scene with Jamie Lee Curtis and Schwarzenegger.

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