Trump joked about trading Puerto Rico for Greenland. Puerto Ricans are joking back.

President Donald Trump was staged lately concerning trading Puerto Rico to get Greenland. However, now it’s Puerto Ricans who’re those laughing — and most state they would be pleased with the trade.

Some called themselves that the “Caribbean Vikings” yet many others shared each of the benefits they’d have should they ceased being a U.S. land and became a autonomous Catholic territory.”I really don’t understand about you, but I don’t have any issue with being sold into Denmark,” Gabriel René, ” a digital advertising executive, tweeted later ” The New York Times reported about Trump’s opinion. An former official told New York Times colleagues that he discovered Trump joke at a interview this past year concerning trading Puerto Rico to get Greenland so as to eliminate this U.S. land.

On societal networking, Puerto Ricans took it in stride.”Denmark could be the nation with the very best instruction at the whole world ,” a person wrote on Twitter.”Frankly being a portion of Denmark might be the ideal thing to happen to people,”

Dartina Marie Pérez, that resides in Puerto Rico, tweeted.Even a Puerto Rican podcaster, called as Nieto, shared exactly what a few branded as the “Starter Kit” “I’ve already been preparing for if Trump deals us Greenland and also we certainly are a colony of Denmark,” Nieto tweeted Spanish, sharing photos of”Danish Delights” butter biscuits, it series”Vikings” and Danish beer bottles.

Marco Bello A female waves a Puerto Rican flag through protests calling for the resignation of Governor Ricardo Rossello at San Juan, Puerto Rico on July 20, 20-19. The others comprised that a Danish-to-Spanish dictionary in the”Starter Kits.””We are ready,” one Twitter user composed, along side an image of a”Conversational Danish” scanning publication.

Under the Hash-tags #DenmarkPR and #DinamarcaPR, meaning Denmark at Spanish,” Puerto Ricans begun asserting the Danish royal family and discussed a number of the perks they’d make do being a brand new territory.Regina C. Ortiz tweeted Spanish,”[Here is ] OUR Queen: Margrethe II of Denmark,” and a photo of her.”we shall finally have representation at the Europe [League] and in the World Cup,” that a Twitter user composed in Spanish, sharing an image of this Danish football team.

While innumerable jokes were reprinted following reports surfaced that Trump”is wearing multiple occasions discussed looking to purchase the nation of Greenland,” a severe diplomatic rupturehappened between the USA and a few of its longtime allies.Trump was advised to visit Denmark to a formal trip but he also canceled it after the nation’s prime minister said that Greenland was perhaps not forsale and branded his opinions as”absurd.”

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