Turn Of The Tide Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Turn Of The Tide Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Augusto Fraga and Ukbar Filmes from Lisbon developed the action-thriller series Turn of the Tide, a Portuguese Netflix Original. Co-authors of the web series include Fraga, Hugo Gonçalves, & Joo Tordo.

Along with Pablo Iraola and Pandora da Cunha Telles, Fraga serves as one of the executive producers for the Netflix series. Everything you require to understand about the Turning of the Tide Netflix season two premiere date, cast, plot, trailer, and other details is covered here.

With a large selection of original series of games, documentaries, & features, Netflix has been expanding its library of Portuguese-language programming. The platform is home to a number of well-known Portuguese television programs, including “Lupin,” “3%,” or “The Mechanism,” as well as the newly released suspense film “The Woods.” Netflix is investing in fresh and varied programs from Brazil and Portugal in response to a rising appetite for Portuguese-language media.

One of these forthcoming shows is the suspenseful action thriller “Turn of the Tide,” a Portuguese Netflix Original conceived by Augusto Fraga and produced by the Lisbon-based production company Ukbar Filmes. Along with Hugo Gonçalves, Joo Tordo, and Pandora da Cunha Telles, Fraga served as the show’s executive producer and co-writer.

Turn Of The Tide Season 2 Release Date:

The official trailer for Turn of the Tide, a highly anticipated Portuguese Netflix Original action mystery sequence, has been released, and the opening date has been set for May 26th, 2023. Between the months of May and September 2022, the series was shot in a number of locales, include Lisbon, Cascais, the Azores, & the Alentejo in Portugal.

IMDb Pro has a list of the shooting locations, including hotels, airports, restaurants, and institutions. Fans may pre-subscribe to Netflix to see Turn of the Tide, which will only be accessible there.

Turn Of The Tide Season 2 Trailer Release:

Viewers may now see the official Turn of the Tide trailer on YouTube or Netflix. The next Portuguese Netflix Original series’ teaser gives fans a taste of the suspenseful action to come.

It highlights the stunning surroundings of Lisbon and the Azores as well as the skilled cast members in their many roles. Fans are urged to put May 26th, 2023, on their calendar for the series’ premiere, which will only be available on Netflix.

Turn Of The Tide Season 2 Cast:

  • As Eduardo, José Condessa
  • Rafael André Leito, Carlinhos, Silvia Rodriguez Tomás, Helena Caldeira
  • Arruda, Inspectora Pêpê Rapazote, Uncle Joe Albano Jerónimo, and Maria Joo Bastos
  • As Estagiário, Banha Lusa Cruz plays Dona Valentina, Adriano Carvalho plays Jeremias, Kelly Bailey plays Bruna Joo, and Salvador Martinha plays Estagiário.
  • Monti Marcantonio Del Carlo as Francesco Bonino Dinarte de Freitas as Zé do Frango or Zé do Carro, played by Francesco Acquaroli
  • Ferrugem is portrayed by Frederico Amaral with David Medeiros as Lavrador.

Turn Of The Tide Season 2 Storyline:

As Eduardo and his buddies are busy packaging cocaine, the series opens with the priest of the little island coughing up blood. A youngster then approaches Eduardo to tell him about the event with the pastor. The scene then abruptly shifts to Eudardo & his companions fishing while chatting on a boat. After getting high, Silvia dances to the music as she is then presented to the crowd.

As the other girls wait to fill out their forms, Silvia decides to fill out the form for Mrs. Ponta Delgada and gets into a quarrel with them. After finishing his shift as a fisherman, Eudardo drives his dad to the doctor.

Eudardo continue for work as a fisherman. Sylvia flees the altercation as Eudardo engages in it with the hospital receptionist. Eudardo’s backstory is revealed as the book progresses; his mother passed away when he was young, and his father became blind.

One day, Gianluca, an Italian criminal, accidentally drops a number of cocaine packets into the water when Eduardo and his buddies are out fishing, and these packages wind up in their possession.

Their destiny is altered because of this since the gang has the chance to leave reality and pursue their ambitions. Despite their reservations, Eudardo’s pals decide to participate in his endeavor.

When Eudadro’s buddy Silvia accidently runs into the Italian mafia with her automobile, their lives take a new turn. Eduardo chooses for the disposal of his corpse in the sea. In an unexpected turn of events, Silvia’s father, who has an unquenchable desire to dominate the drug trade, does a heroic act and seizes the chance presented by his daughter’s cocaine overdose to realize his ambitions.

After learning the setting of the drug stockpile the friends’ group had concealed, Arruda murders Sylvia’s lover Rafel in cold blood. In order to recover the narcotics her father has taken from their group, Sylvia comes up with a scheme with Eudardo.

After her father threatens to kill Eudardo, Sylvia threatens him with a pistol in the final scene in The Turn in The Tide. Eudardo kills Sylvia’s father in the conclusion of the fight, but it is later discovered that he survived.

On May 26th, 2023, Netflix will release the gripping new Portuguese series Turn of the Tide. Five friends from Rabo de Peixe are at the core of the plot, and when a significant quantity of cocaine washes up on the Azorean shore, their lives are drastically changed.

The gang is caught up in a web of danger or corruption as they manage their newfound money and power, battling other drug cartels and the police out to bring them down.

Turn of the Tide promised to be an exciting and thrilling watching experience for lovers of crime dramas & thrillers with its high-stakes action and complicated character interactions. Don’t pass over this intriguing brand-new Netflix offering!

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