Unlock My Boss Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Are you a fan of Unlock My Boss, a popular program on ENA? Recent Korean drama series Unlock My Boss is based on a webcomic by Park Seong-Hyun.

The first season of the show is now on television. If so, you may be pondering if a second season will be produced.

We’ll address all of your concerns regarding Unlock My Boss in this post, like when the next season will air, the number episodes there will be, as well as viewers can watch it.

As soon as there is any information on a possible Unlock My Boss Season 2 trailer, we’ll let you know. So stay tuned if you want to get an insider’s perspective on the show’s future!

Unlock My Boss Season 2 Release Date:

Fans of the well-liked Korean drama Unlock My Boss are anxiously anticipating the release of the second season, which was just renewed.

There are still many unanswered issues, such when the program will premiere, what new plots and characters we’ll see, and how the show will differ from season one.

When it comes to the timing of Unlock My Boss season 2’s release, a precise time frame is still pending.

The show’s premiere is anticipated for sometime in late 2023 or early 2024, although the production team has acknowledged that the pandemic may cause a delay.

Unlock My Boss Season 2 Trailer Release:

Unlock My Boss Season 2 has not yet had a trailer. When information about the series’ second season is revealed, viewers may anticipate a trailer.

Unlock My Boss Season 2 Cast:

There has been no announcement about the second season. Therefore, information on the cast is similarly lacking.

Chae Jong-hyeop, who played Park In-Seong in season one, Seo Eun-soo, who played Jung Se-Yeon, and Park Sung-Woong, who played Kim Seon-Joo, are all anticipated to reprise their roles in the upcoming second season.

Along with them, Lee Sang-hee as Oh Mi-ran, Kim Sung-oh as Oh Ma-pi, and Jung Dong-hwan as Oh Young-Geun make up the rest of the cast.

Unlock My Boss Season 2 Storyline:

Kim Seon Ju, the CEO of one of Korea’s top IT firms, is the main character in the Unlock My Boss plot. He is ambushed one day, however, and ends himself imprisoned in his phone. Fortunately, Park In-Seong, a jobless guy, discovers the phone.

Then, Seon Ju requests that he work with him to identify the attacker and manage the business as per his directives.

For this, Seon Ju makes him a 10 billion won offer. In-Seong agrees, and the two of them now have to identify the offender.

The season’s conclusion is expected to air on January 12, 2023. In Seong has defeated Young Geun & Mi Ran once thus far. He is successful in regaining his position as CEO of the Silver Linings Company.

Nevertheless, Mapi was searching for Seon Ju while he was having fun. He finds Seon Ju’s lifeless corpse at the hospital after following a guard there and hastily leaves it with him.

To inform In Seong & Se Yeon on this, Mapi attempts to call them. But no one could find them. Instead, he makes the costly error of calling Seon Ju’s housemaid.

It comes out that she was a Noh employee who leaked the information. Then, Mapi is attacked by Noh’s soldiers at his cover.

Mapi maintains his position, although it can be challenging to protect both Seon Ju and himself.

Whether or whether the following season will air has not yet been determined. So it is hard to predict what fans may look forward to in the following season.

Given the speed at which Unlock My Boss Season 1’s plot is developing, the show may only have one season.

So let’s wait and watch how season one finishes, since it will influence how the second season plays out.

Unlock My Boss’ first season is only two episodes away from wrapping up. So let’s review the plot up to this point.

Kim Seon Ju, CEO of Silver Linings Network, introduces a brand-new virtual reality set at the beginning of the series.

He is a strong guy without a doubt, and he has many foes. Seon Ju does not arrive while his daughter waits for him back home to go on a camping excursion.

It comes out that he was stabbed by an unidentified opponent who had been pursuing him. But rather of passing away, his spirit becomes imprisoned in his smartphone.

Park In Seong is a thirty-year-old jobless guy who is striving to make ends meet. He travels to the mountains in search of the phone since he is tired of being so worthless.

When Seon Ju begs him for assistance, In Seong does not accept it. Seong Ju, however, makes payments to his bank to give him the impression that he is genuine.

Seong promises to assist him by acting as the CEO of the firm until he comes and finds the person who attacked him.

When Seong meets Se Yeon, Seong Ju’s secretary, they begin to solve the mystery together. In the process, nobody can be trusted, which makes it much more difficult.

The same guys who assaulted Seong Ju are now stalking In Seong & Se Yeon as they search for Seong Ju’s automobile.

Nevertheless, a loan shark named Mapi who is after Se Yeon’s money intervenes just in time to rescue them. Seong hires Mapi as his bodyguard.

There is little doubt that the Beomyoung Group, a competing business, is involved in this. Young Geun, Mi-ran’s uncle, and Mi-ran are the most likely suspects. Director Kwang was persuaded by Seong to tell them the facts about what had place on the evening of Seong Ju’s assault.

Before he has a chance to inform him, Kwang is faked out and discovered dead in his vehicle. In Seong was detained by the police as a suspect.

He is ultimately rescued, however, by Noh, Young Geun’s secretary. Certainly, Kwang’s death and the assault were the work of Young Geun.

Unlock My Boss Season 2 Rating:

A Korean drama series called Unlock My Boss has so far garnered excellent reviews and viewership. The series has received ratings of 7.5 on IMDb and 9.1 on Viki.

Unlock My Boss Season 2 Review:

Here we have a theatrical stage adaptation of a science fiction narrative. The whole premise of the program is entirely fake as a result of this.

The play’s plot was innovative, but the director could have done a better job of bringing it to life or presenting it in an exciting way throughout the performance.

The acting and several of the events come off as being highly staged. It had nothing to do with what was happening, or maybe I had high hopes for this drama since I had an image of something like to “reborn rich” in my brain.

The only aspect that has made me sad, if anything, is that the intriguing premise has been spoiled since I didn’t find that to have any new content beyond typical drama. The play will make improvements rather than continue in the same basic direction.

How Many Episodes Will There Be in Unlock My Boss Season 2?

The number of episodes for Unlock My Boss Season 2 is unknown. Given that the first season only had 12 episodes, the following season could have a similar number of episodes.

The program could, however, be renewed for an extended season or perhaps more than one. Time will only tell!

Where To Watch Unlock My Boss Season 2?

Currently running on Korean television is the show Unlock My Boss. The show is available to watch online on Rakuten, Amazon Prime Video, and Viki. To view the series, you must have a membership to both sites.

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