Unusual! Miley Cyrus prepares new music album with Metallica covers


If something has become clear to us since the beginning of 2020, it is that things totally out of the ordinary have happened, and we are not only talking about the global health contingency that kept us in social isolation for so many months, but also because of the situations so out of the ordinary that is traversing the world of music, in this case with Miley Cyrus.

Just as there were many artists who had to suspend or postpone their productions, others were even forced to cancel them, people who are rebounding in the industry, as well as musicians who simply lost track, as well as celebrities from the world of music. acting that dabbled in music, such as Vin DieselHonestly at this time of year, we can expect whatever.

And who better to make them lose their temper than Miley Cyrus? We know well that if there is someone who when we believe that they will no longer surprise us, more fearless that never, in this case, the singer of musical genres such as pop and country prepares a new musical album, totally different from what we are used to in her sound entertainment style.

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So this is not a conventional album, in which we will enjoy Miley's melodious voice, we will not dance to the new songs, at least not in the way we always do.

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It turns out that Miley herself revealed in a recent interview for important American media that her new musical production would be made up of covers of one of the most acclaimed, well-known and iconic bands of our era.

In the interview, they questioned him about his new musical projects, some news and other details about his musical work.

“We've been working on a Metallica cover album and I'm here working on it. We are very fortunate to be able to continue working on our art throughout all of this. At first, I found it uninspiring and now I'm totally turned on, have you felt the same way? ”, Commented the artist.

Although, last year the singer at a festival “premiered” her version of the endearing musical piece “Nothing else matters”, by the band led by James Hetfield “Metallica”, that was just a way to prepare for what was coming this year.

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It was during the Glastonbury Festival in the United Kingdom, when the singer already covered the aforementioned song by the band led by Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield, and a few days ago, she presented a version of the also famous song "Zombie" by The Cranberries.

Similarly, Billy Ray's daughter Cyrus has revealed how she has written her biggest hits: “I always write songs in the car. I have read a lot about healing through movement, because many people like to sit on their feelings, and I am not that person. I like to move through them ”.

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And in the same way, Miley clarified that this year her tour, which had already been practically a decade, was slowed down, and it is the first year that she “rests” from traveling, “This is the longest time I have spent without being in the highway. I've been on tour for the last ten years, and this is the first year that I haven't, ”he confessed.

So, we are warned, and we can only wait for the singer to launch her new musical production, and let's all jump to the purest rhythm of metal, interpreted by Miley's sweet voice.

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