Update of the UCM series on DisneyPlus: WandaVision prepares to record and Hawkeye goes into preproduction


Fan-art of the WandaVision and Hawkeye series

In the last hours, new comments have begun to arrive on the Internet about the state of the first Marvel Studios projects for the Disney + streaming platform, those series that will expand the UCM in a way that we had not seen before.

It really isn't about any new information beyond a reminder of what we already know, and what we proceed to do next.

In principle, it is expected that this October 22 will start production of “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier” in Atlanta, Georgia. However, it would not be the only series on the way. The Serie "WandaVision", whose production was going to start in September to finally be delayed to November 4 (and until March 13) would already be finalizing preparations to start that filming, which is said to take place in Los Angeles – as discussed in August -, and He points out that we might not have to wait long to see the protagonists in their costumes.

Next to this jumps the news that the series "Hawkeye" go into preproduction phase, so that in the next few weeks we will be knowing who forms the production team of the series.

Before it starts recording, “Loki” must start, whose production is scheduled to begin on January 28, 2020,


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