Washington, Pret. The US has banned Sri Lankan army chief Lt. Gen. Shavendra Silva for war crimes. A variety of restrictions will apply to them including travel, economic matters. Silva has been held responsible for unlawfully killing people and large-scale human rights violations during military operations in the Jaffna Peninsula in 2009. According to a UN report, 45,000 innocent Tamil civilians were killed in the last month of action.

War crime charge in action against LTTE

US Secretary of State Mike Ponpio said, Silva has been accused of massive human rights violations. The documents related to the United Nations and other institutions are reliable and serious. Human rights have great importance in Sri Lanka and all places in the world. In such a situation, we cannot support the elevation of Silva to be the army chief.

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Silva was promoted to Army Chief in 2019. Prior to this he was the head of the 58 Division of the Army. The same division of the army had defeated and captured the land of Jaffna in Sri Lanka in 2009 by fighting against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Illum (LTTE). The soldiers of this division are accused of attacking and killing innocent civilians and hospitals, stopping humanitarian aid material, taking hostages and attacking Tamil civilians.

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Accused of gross violation of human rights

Shavendra Silva is named in the UN Human Rights Council resolution passed in 2013. It is clearly mentioned that the army led by him committed gross violation of human rights and killed civilians. However the Sri Lankan army has denied these allegations. However, Silva has served as the Deputy Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka at the United Nations Headquarters in New York after the 2009 civil war.

1: Arun Kumar Singh

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