Vadhir and Aislinn try to imitate Rulli and Boyer in Tik Tok but everything goes wrong

A video reveals a fun moment between the brothers of the Derbez family, Vadhir and Aislinn where they try to imitate Sebastián Rulli and Angelique Boyer in Tik Tok, however, nothing goes as expected.

Yesterday I uploaded a photo in a bikini. Some comments surprised me .. The body is always something that we care about / worry too much, especially due to the fact that we are hardly comfortable or happy with the body we have. For me the last 2 years have been a journey of drastic changes in that regard. I had never worried about having to diet or exercise, since I have a very privileged genetics. After giving birth I gained weight due to fluid retention and hormonal imbalances. And having to deal with a body I wasn't comfortable with was completely unknown to me. At those moments I did not realize how demanding, impatient, hard and unloving I was being with my body without understanding that thanks to that wonderful body I had a perfectly healthy baby in my arms. And I realized that millions of women went through the same thing and felt the same way I did. Thanks to my therapist and because I stopped worrying and judging myself, my body began to lose weight. Then, conversely, 6 months ago with the duel of separation, my body resented it and began to lose weight quickly. I saw that they ask a lot "what is my diet or my routine". I have never been fixated on achieving a certain body type. I have never been on a diet or exercise. I began to exercise by therapeutic recommendation since it secretes oxytocin in the brain, so necessary for my process (and in general for mental and physical health). The opinion of good or bad things about my body is the least of it. But I think it is important to be able to hear how the body communicates with us. For me, learning to read it was one of my best tools to understand what was happening internally at certain times (I had never paid real attention to my body before that imbalance in my postpartum period). I think that once we start listening to our body, we learn how to treat it. Sadly we are used to seeing the body as an object and we do not stop to understand its language, its rhythms and its real needs ... At this moment, after having gone through these processes and listening to myself, it is when I feel physically best

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The comedian's older sons tried to perform a challenge popularized by the actor couple Sebastián Rulli and Angelique Boyer but the results were not as expected.

As we well know, the actor Sebastián Rulli It has become very popular on the Tik Tok platform where they share funny videos, challenges, etc. The actor was joining this new fashion on the internet as well as many other celebrities.

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However, Rulli is one of those who has many followers with his videos, in which he appears alone or accompanied by his partner, Angelique Boyer.

It is this popularity that Vadhir and Aislinn Derbez They decided to imitate one of the challenges of the soap opera lover and although they failed in the attempt, this did not stop causing a sensation.

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The sibling couple amused their followers on social media by trying to make the 'Koala Challenge', this challenge requires strength and condition but still, the firstborn Eugenio Derbez and his second son, Vadhir they decided to join the challenge.

In the video that Aislinn He shared you could see the challenges that both couples perform, in which you can contrast which of the two managed to carry out the difficult challenge, "Koala Challenge", which is that one of the participants must resist while the other moves on his body without touching the floor.

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Finally Aislinn and Vadhir They demonstrated that they need more technique to be able to do it, since for their part the comedian's daughter ended up stepping on the ground at the end of the recording.

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The challenge it was also fun to her fans so in that part if they fulfilled it, in addition to the ex-wife of Ochmann attributed his failure to the condition of Vadhir.

Here joining the challenge ... I think @vadhirderbez lacked condition and pecs, "Aislinn wrote in the TikTok description. @Aislinnderbez

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Despite the fact that the video of the Derbez It was highly viralized, adding around 117 thousand reproductions and thousands of comments.

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