Video Camila Sodi giving herself a tremendous kiss With a woman!

The beautiful Mexican actress and singer Camila Sodi has undoubtedly surprised millions of people, as she was captured kissing a woman and besides, as if that were not enough, he announced great news for the gentlemen.

Camila Sodi has given a lot to talk about and the week is just beginning, as it has become a trend in social networks after showing off a great kiss in the mouth he gave to another woman.

The actress Camila Sodi, as expected, caused a stir in social networks, after appearing kissing another woman, because she had not been captured that way before.

It was on the actress's official Instagram account where she shared several stories kissing another woman on the mouth with the hashtag: #LesbianIncest and also announcing an account of OnlyFans, The famous website where you can buy very explicit 3rotic content.

However, to the surprise of many of her followers on the social network and in the media, Camila's kiss was with her 25-year-old half-sister Tessa, daughter of actress Nailea Norvind and lawyer Fernando González Parra ; Camila's father.

As expected, that kiss between the half-sisters caused hundreds of comments and even confusion from some Internet users, who were completely unaware that they have a family bond.

The video was shared by Tessa on her Instagram account where she has more than 400 thousand followers and according to the stories she and Camila enjoyed a meal together at a sushi restaurant in Mexico City.

Now many wonder, who is it Tessa? Because she is an actress who has been in the world of acting since she was six years old, participates in a film alongside Charlize Teron and Jennifer Lawrence and has also dedicated herself to music.

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And although the actresses apparently do not share so many moments together on social networks, you can see that they have a good relationship and have a lot of fun while they are together, since in their Instagram stories they were seen dancing and having a good time with sisters.

On the other hand, a few days ago Camila announced that the coronavirus test was carried out again and showed in her Instagram stories the moment when said test was performed with a swab inserted into her nose.

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Undoubtedly, the sensation was quite unpleasant and he ended up screaming that he felt it even in his brain, because the swab must introduce it deep inside.

This is how her story surprised her millions of followers on the social network because of the displeasure shown by the famous actress, who, as she recalled, had already tested positive for the virus months ago.

Consequently, Camila voluntarily self-quarantined after a close person tested positive, and although she had no symptoms, it eventually turned out that she was also a carrier of the virus.

Some time after carrying out the recommended hygiene and safety measures, Camila also revealed through her social network that she was free of the virus.

Hi. I want to share some good news from the infectologist, who discharges us on Tuesday. We become immune, which means we can hug our loved ones again. My children can hug their dad, I can visit my mom, "he said.

It is worth mentioning that according to her recent test, it is not clear if Camila had it done because she had any symptoms, because she was close to someone who tested positive or simply because of some work protocol.

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