Video: Eugenio Derbez unleashes chaos and arguments by failing his daughter Aitana's habit


The actor Eugenio Derbez just can't tolerate some of the habits of his little daughter Aitana and caused a family conflict.

The actor and comedian could not hide this time his annoyance due to some customs that her daughter Aitana has developed when it comes to eating.

And it all started when the little girl from 6 years will show a peculiar method of cooling your food.

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In one of the most recent videos shared through the account of Youtube of the vocalist of Opposite Senses, Alessandra rosaldo She spoke of that practice that her husband hates so much.

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Alessandra rosaldo detailed that her husband, the comedian, does not like people blowing hot food to cool it, and it turns out that it is Aitana who uses this method to cool his soup and be able to eat it. It is "unbearable for Derbez".


It was a lawsuit. Eugenio can't stand you blowing on the soup to cool it down. In other words, if the soup is boiling, that you do that is… (unbearable for the actor).

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The little girl, fruit of the marriage between Eugenio Derbez and Alessandra rosaldo It is the main weakness of the actor who always shows that he drools over his daughter, however, this little detail makes him annoyed too much.

I'm talking about two-year-old Aitana, eating her soup and she tells me 'Mom, she's very hot', I say 'My love, blow on her'. It's stupid (but Derbez) went crazy, to a level that I said 'Let's see, ok' ”.

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Given his lack of tolerance, the actor of "Man to water"He defended himself arguing that it is a matter of"education"

When have you seen Queen Elizabeth blowing her soup. Worse when it is the girl, the aunt or the friend who comes and says "Let's see, mijita, drink" and you say "A lady has just spit on my daughter's soup."

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After exemplifying your reasons, Alessandra She gave some credit to her husband's arguments and accepted that, yes, "it is not right for third parties to do that kind of thing, although she implied that her husband's position is a little exaggerated.

Nobody has seen Queen Elizabeth eat ... In that I agree that an external mouth comes to blow my daughter's soup, there is no way, but that she herself blows her soup ... ".

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