Video Gabriela Spanic shows off her La Usurpadora doll


It is very beautiful! actress Gabriela Spanic boasted that her beauty and the mark left by her character of Paola Bracho in the soap opera The Usurper, which even has a doll.

The famous actress shared on his official Instagram account a video where you can see the beautiful doll based on the evil character of The Usurper, Paola Bracho.

The telenovela marked a before and after for Gabriela spanic, who proved to be a magnificent actress, famous not only for her beautiful physique.

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The doll in question was a beautiful gift from her fans, the doll is on a base and you can see Paola with one of her characteristic red dresses, quite s3xy, with an opening in the leg, her hand at the waist, her short, straight hair with a fringe at the front and her red lips.

This special doll is just one part of the myriad gifts Spanic receives at home from his fans, who also remember his son and sometimes turn things on him.

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My Angels I want to thank you for these beautiful gifts, full of love and affection, the same that you give me and my son every day. On behalf of both of you we say THANK YOU from ❤️. God bless me always ... I Love You In Time TOTALLLLL, wrote the famous next to the images.


La Usurpadora was a melodrama dating from 1988, where Gaby spanic and Fernando Colunga were the protagonists. The actress gave life to twins who had been separated at birth and because of fate they ended up running into each other on the way.

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Paola and Paulina, the villain and the good girl in the story, were embodied by the face and body of Gaby, who raised enormous controversy since everyone assumed that it was Gabriela's twin sister, Daniela Spanic, who gave life to one of the twins.

However, Gabriela spanic he always defended his work and that his sister did not participate in the melodrama recordings; Later, images of a woman who acted as her double in some scenes emerged, verifying what the famous woman argued.

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Spanic's work in this telenovela gave him international success, and his performance was amazing, just by looking at the face and gestures it was possible to determine which character we were talking about, since everything became more complicated when Paulina took the place of his sister Paola, who decides to flee with her lover.

When Paola, a wealthy woman accustomed to living life, runs into Paulina, a young woman who is dedicated to cleaning, realizes that they are exactly the same and hatches her plan, that her sister supplies her with her family while she has fun .

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Paola Bracho was tired of playing happy house with her children and her husband, and she wanted to venture out into the world alongside her lover. What the villain did not count on was that Paulina would end up in love with her family and each of the members in love with the young woman's heart; including her sister's husband.

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The situation gets complicated when Paola returns to her life and everything becomes a mess, since her sister's attitude was quite different, loving; the change ends up being discovered.

Although The Usurper It is one of the many projects of Gabriela Spanic, it is always remembered by her followers; since it marked a before and after in the actress. Currently, the famous one is more current than ever with the transmission of Soy Tu Dueña again on television, where she participated as antegonic of the beautiful Lucero and Fernando Colunga is also the protagonist.

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