VIDEO Karla Luna lived threatened by Américo Garza reveals Felipe Silva

Businessman Felipe Silva has uncovered many unknown details so far about the relationship in the love triangle consisting of Karla Luna, Américo Garza and Karla Panini.

He has even revealed the details of how the relationship between Karla Luna (qedp) and her then husband Americo Garza and the mistreatment that the latter gave to the remembered former host of the Las Lavanderas show.

Felipe Silva points out that "Americo Garza had threatened to Karla Luna”The businessman assures that among all the mistreatments he received from his then husband, he also had to endure physical attacks.

The one who was a contributor to the popular show from Monterrey, Panini and Moon He says he is willing to continue revealing dark details around both comedians.

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Points out that one of the secrets that unfortunately Moon she would take to the grave, it was that she had a juicy contract with the company that hired her and the other is that Américo had her threatened "he declared Silva in a recent VLA interview.

Americo treated her badly, if she did not pay her full proportion, imagine if she took you for you, she was less going to pay it, in the end she was never paid and when the excesses of drug addiction, of alcohol came, I think Luna came to a term in which the loving control between her and Américo got out of hand, ”he added.

The businessman, who will carry the show of the Lavanderas for three years taking them on tour in Sonora and Baja California, assures that Luna preferred to turn a blind eye when realizing the romance that existed between Americo and Karla Panini his collaborator and "supposed" friend.

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Notes that Americo He mistreated her psychologically and used his daughters for it.

Americo psychologically led Karla Luna to lose her life, literally

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The threatened with which he would take away his daughters and he would not see them in his last moments of life.

(I said) you are finished, you are not going to be anybody in life, you are not going to achieve and be what you were without me and without Karla Panini, less ”.

It even reveals Silva who on many occasions "supported Moon monetarily since he had several debts due to his condition and without having the financial backing of Américo even knowing that he owed him a lot of money. "

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Given this, Felipe Silva points out that he is not afraid of retaliation by Garza

If he threatens me, I can give him my address, he has my phone and whenever I see him straight on, I have no problem saying what I am currently saying. ”

Silva makes it clear that you want the true and how they really are:

I want to record that they are wicked and not a happy couple. Karla Panini is not a Christian, she does not have God in her heart

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In the same way, he points out that in the time he collaborated in the team, he realized that both Heron how Panini consumed substances.

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In days gone by, the entrepreneur He decided not to shut up anymore and through an audio reveals that he and Panini They had an intimate meeting for money, also uncovers the infidelities that Americo carried out before the eyes of all, as well as the frauds he committed with the money of the Lavanderas.

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So, that may have been the main reason for Moon so as not to reveal the alleged fraud of which he had been the victim of his partner and "lover".

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