VIDEO Karla Panini shares alleged evidence of mistreatment of Américo's children


The former Monterrey driver Karla Panini, shared a video where he shows the mistreatment that many assure, he gives to the children he has with Americo.

Given the great controversy that has been unleashed around the relationship of Karla Panini and Americo Garza, ex-husband of the deceased Karla Luna, to whom it was revealed was unfaithful with his "friend" the former driver, she shared a video showing the alleged mistreatment of the children of both.

In addition to adjectives such as "stealing husbands"and other strong nicknames and insults that users use in social networks to refer to the exlavandera, who they also accuse of taking away his family from Karla Luna because not satisfied with marrying the husband of the same also ended up staying with the daughters who Heron and Luna had in common.

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Network users and some celebrities in the medium have asked Panini that allows to see the daughters of Moon to his maternal grandparents and even to return them to his family, next to Luna's parents and older brothers.

Also, some comments on social networks have hinted that Panini may mistreat the daughters who Moon procreated with Americo Garza, since if there was so much enmity between the two, there are strong doubts that the girls are loved by their stepmother.

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Of this, also apparently, versions of some people close to the triangle have confirmed it lovingly.

Even if Panini had assured that the minors do see their grandparents, a recent video published by the family of Moon revealed that this is totally false, since since Americo He took his daughters by force, they have not seen them again, the family of the deceased driver assure.

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Meanwhile, the song continues to give people something to talk about, particularly after releasing these audios where they also listen to the day when Karla Luna faced betrayal by her "alleged best friend", Panini, And her then husband, Americo Garza.

In a few days, Panini has revived again the signs and attacks by users, who have little belief in their new way of life, since it recently became known, is very attached to God after a testimony that he gave in a Christian church.

The "I will eat guera"as she was also known during her faceta de"The Laundresses"Now he seeks to silence the gossip about him"mistreatment"which he gives to all his" sons and stepdaughters "and shared a video in which he shows the" supposed evidence of this ".

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Through the scenes of the video you can see the daughters of Karla Luna and those of the blonde play on an inflatable in the garden of their house.

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And it is that during these days of quarantine Panini He tried to show that he treats everyone equally and that he tries to make them have good times in these difficult days.

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However, what captured the most attention was the message that Panini published next to the video, which can be read in one tone sarcastic, undoubtedly addressed to all those who criticize it.

Here my children living the mistreatment that according to people I give them.

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