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A few years ago, when hidden details about the "came to lightKing of Pop"It was known that he wore an abundant wig, however, the artist might have worn his Chinese mane if one had not happened tragedy which fortunately did not happen to older.

If not for the images, few would remember the true appearance of the "pop idol" before their cosmetic surgeries and procedures. After several years of his departure, chilling details have been revealed about the body of Michael Jackson.

This is how The "King of Pop" looked before his transformation. Instagram

It has been known for a long time that the artist she did not have a long mane and resorted to wearing a straight black wig.

However, few know what led to the artist To use it, many could speculate that due to the health problems he had, he may have been gradually losing his hair, conditions such as anorexia, poor diet etc, could have contributed, but this was not the case for the artist.

It may interest you Michael Jackson, autopsy would reveal new clues about the mysterious ending of the King of Pop

The interpreter of "Billie jean"He lost his hair as a result of a tragic accident in a commercial where part of his hair was burned.

But before the advent of Michael Jackson, pop music was a largely segregated art form. Prior to Jackson, mainstream television music channels, namely MTV, did not air videos by Black artists. Upon the massive success of Thriller, Jackson was catapulted into the first major crossover global pop star, defying the barriers that race presented for so many artists before him. The sheer demand for Jackson was so great that MTV had no choice but to showcase Thriller and the rest is history. Never before had an artist touched every race, age, class, sexual orientation, and nationality in the way that Jackson did. Moreover, Jackson played a transformative role in shaping ideas of African American music and performance to a global audience in a way never before achieved by any other artist. Jackson turned the world on its head, single-handedly. ” - Courtney Young, PopMatters

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It was the Us Weekly magazine itself that revealed some images where the singer, who at one point was hit by flames from fireworks that mainly affected his scalp.

It was in one of the moments when the singer He was performing one of his choreographies when the fireworks were fired when turning on his back, but because they were wrongly positioned they did not appear as they were supposed to and this caused the fire to reach the head of the singer who in an instant presented flames on his head and ran to have the fire extinguished.

Michael Jackson bound for the hospital after the 1984 mishap. AP

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Several people crowded around him trying to extinguish the smoke It was coming out of his hair, but the moment was enough for this to cause him serious damage.

The artist presented second and third degree burns, they say, he recorded a commercial for a well-known brand of soft drinks in 1984The filming was at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

For this reason, in
1985 the singer would donate the amount of
$ 1.5 million of dollars to the Brotman Memorial Hospital for the care of people who have suffered severe burns, a photo through an Instagram account of the singer appears with a victim of an accident.

Through the documentary Killing Michael Jackson, Directed and produced by ZigZag, the testimonies of Orlando Martínez, Dan Myers and Scott Smith, three detectives who participated in the initial investigation of the musician's departure, revealed:

When I saw his scalp I saw how the top of his head was bald. In addition, it also had almost no hair on the sides, "said Smith

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Also in the autopsy that was performed "also revealed the presence of scars behind the ears, on the nose, at the base of the neck, on the wrists and arms, among other areas."

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