VIDEO Niurka reveals if she would resume a relationship with Juan Osorio and tells the reasons


Niurka Marcos recently shared details of his relationship with Juan Osorio and reveals if there could be a "reheat" with the producer.

In a recent interview the vedette, Frames described his relationship with the producer as dangerous, Juan Osorio, this after being questioned about whether they would take another chance for both of them.

The artist Cuban revealed strong anecdotes about his past relationship with Osorio reason why he reiterated it would be very difficult to return to what they had in a while.

The former adventurer who had a relationship with the producer with whom he lived in the late 90s, as a result of their relationship was born Emilio Osorio.

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However, after the controversy breaking off between the two derived from their separation in the year 2003, in those days Niurka he recorded the novel "Velo de Novia" produced by his then partner, Juan Osorio, it was the same where he met Bobby larios with whom he later began a relationship for which they were both nicknamed the "scandal couple"

After several years both the artist Cuban As the producer, they have a cordial relationship for their son, and both have had a good time without establishing any formal relationship.

So rumors about whether they could be a couple again have circulated in the artistic medium, however, Niurka Marcos Say no and share the reasons.

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In a recent interview that the actress and a dancer affirms that she would not return with Juan Osorio.

We loved each other, the Cuban made it clear that her relationship with the producer was very toxic.

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Also, now more than they think of their son and his career, so he has a pact with Juan Osorio.

We have a code that we cannot break which is to support Emilio and not allow anything to muddle him, "he explained.

As on few occasions, the actress opened her heart on the show alongside Yordi Rosado where he confessed the battle he lived during his relationship with Juan Osorio.

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During the talk in the program "The last one and we are leaving" Yordi Rosado, confessed the battle he lived with Juan Osorio when they were a couple.

It cannot happen because the most important thing was lost ... if Emilio had not been born we would have been m @ t @ do, because we wanted m @ t @ r ", he recalled

So this rules out any possibility that between the two of them the love and the desire to be together.

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Fortunately, over time, both were able to file rough edges And now he has a great relationship with the producer and so together they can carry out his son's career, he said.

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