new Delhi. A strange incident occurred at the airport in Thailand's capital Bangkok. The driver of the tow tractor pulling the aircraft died here after the engine of the plane came down. The mechanic sitting with the driver in this tractor was badly injured, he is admitted to the hospital for treatment. The dead body of the driver who died due to engine failure has been kept in the hospital for postmortem.

Air line officials say that the reasons for the driver's death will be known only after the post mortem report is received. Thailand's capital Bangkok has two airports. One of its major publications is the country's major Suvarnabhumi Airport in the province handles international flights and another in Don Muang, it handles domestic flights and regional flights in Asia. This news has been carried in detail on the website of DailyMail Online.

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How the accident happened

A Boeing 737 was being towed to the airstrip at Don Mueng International Airport in Bangkok with the help of tow tractor, from where the passenger would board it and then leave for his journey. In the morning while this aircraft was being pulled by tow tractor, during this time, the iron rod attached to the tractor to pull this plane broke, which made the aircraft unbalanced.

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An unbalanced aircraft engine engulfed the tractor, causing serious injuries to the driver and mechanic sitting in it. The two seriously injured were rushed to the hospital for treatment where the driver died. The driver's name was Thanisorn Oncha-Am. The mechanic is being treated.

The whole accident was captured in CCTV

Airport Director Sampan Khutharan said that the flight DD6458 from Don Muang to Nakhon Si Thammarat collided with a nozzle air tow truck. Passengers traveling in the aircraft were waiting for the aircraft, when the incident happened, after that passengers were sent from another plane.

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The CCTV footage clearly shows the tow tractor trying to pull the plane, during which the joint breaks. The aircraft is moving at its own pace but the truck pulling it stops suddenly. Meanwhile, the driver of the tractor gets hit by the plane. Due to which he is seriously injured.

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Emergency staff runs there after seeing the incident

When the airport staff starts work to tow the plane, the rest of the staff is watching this work. Immediately the emergency staff rushes towards him as soon as the joint breaks and the aircraft engine crushes the tractor. The aircraft stops after pressing the tractor. It also causes some damage to the aircraft engine. This aircraft was to fly at 8.40 am, after which new aircraft were arranged, and the aircraft was able to leave at 9.50 am.

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