Hanoi, Reuters. South Korea has also not remained untouched by the corona virus. The impact of this infection is also increasing in South Korea, keeping in mind that Vietnam has decided to postpone free visa travel to South Korea. Yonhap News Agency told the news agency Reuters that in view of the fact that Korana's infection could not spread further, the Vietnamese government is planning to stop the free visa trip to South Korea from this Saturday. Please do it.

According to reports, a notice in this context has been issued to the South Korean Embassy in Vietnam. Please tell that more than 6 people have died due to Corona virus in South Korea while 2 thousand people have been infected. In such a situation, the Government of Vietnam has become very vigilant.


The corona virus has spread to more than 50 countries around the world, including China. Till now, more than 83 thousand people have been infected due to this virus and more than 2800 people have died from this virus. The World Health Organization has named this corona virus COVID-19.

Italy and Spain most affected by Corona but not a single patient in these two villages here "src =" https://www.1.com/images/newimg/06042020/06_04_2020-06_04_2020_italy_village_20169391_s.jpg

Italy and Spain are the most affected by Corona, but there is not a single patient in these two villages here

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The Visa on Arrival facility for citizens of Japan and South Korea has been temporarily suspended. At the same time, the Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry has asked citizens to avoid traveling to South Korea, Iran and Italy if it is not necessary. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abey appealed for the closure of all schools across the country for a few weeks from March 2 to prevent the corona virus. There have been around 200 cases in Japan and three have died.

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President of Philippines will give one month salary to deal with Corona crisis "src =" https://www.1.com/images/newimg/06042020/06_04_2020-06_04_2020-president-dutrete__20169052_s.jpg

Philippines President will give one month salary to deal with Corona crisis

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At the same time, French President Macron Enamuel has warned that France cannot escape the outbreak of Corona virus. His government is taking measures to combat this. Let us know that two deaths and 18 cases have been reported from this virus in France.

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