Villains, crossovers and changes for young people in the third season of Runaways


Poster cutout of the third season of Runaways

This New York Comic Con has left us the first trailer of the third season “Marvel’s Runaways”, 10 new episodes that will arrive from December 13 to the Freeform platform with news such as the villain Morgan le Fay, his link with Nico Minoru, Nico's mother, Tina and the Staff of One.

Tina's story is linked to Nico's story, and also to Morgan le Fay, ”explains executive producer and writer Josh Schwartz. Everyone is connected, and that whole story will come to light this year. When Tina said that the Staff was just technology, she wasn't telling the whole story. The Staff is magical, and this year the Staff and how it connects with it, with Nico and with Morgan will be revealed.

Image of the third season of Runaways

Le Fay will be a constant presence throughout the season, and very threatening, played by Elizabeth Hurley, who played the devil himself in comedy "To the devil with the devil". This time he says he plays an even worse villain.

I've played the bad one many times, but I think she's worse, ”Hurley explains.

The crossover with the protagonists of “Cloak & Dagger” It will also mark a highlight in the season, and as noted in the NYCC panel, who knows if Capa and Puñal's series will also be reflected.

We are excited to expand our universe this year and bring Cloak & Dagger to the series and introduce the Dark Dimension, which can potentially connect us to other Marvel worlds, ”says Schwartz. We had a lot of fun doing this crossing, and we hope it is the first of many more.

Runaways third season trailer capture

The Cloak & Dagger crossover occurred after 6-9 months of continuous dialogue between Hulu and Freeform, and in the end it was only possible because the actors of Cloak & Dagger – Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt – had room in their agendas.

Quinton Peeples, another executive producer of Runaways, knows well how much one suffers with the world of television and when they have great ones that one wants to carry out but cannot, as happened last season when a crossing was attempted with “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”.

It is so difficult! Pepples laments. Episode 6 last year, after the ship left the earth … yes, that's where S.H.I.E.L.D. I would come to investigate! ”

Peeples tried desperately to get any of the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for a seemingly natural crossing, but it didn't work out.

His production schedule was so hectic that there was no way it would work. It did not happen.

But Josh Schwartz is encouraged because they have managed to carry out a crossover, and he remains optimistic about future possibilities.

It seems that now that Cloak & Dagger and the Runaways have met, the other teenage superhero out there is Spider-Man. Any version that wants to come to visit us from the multiverse … we take them all. Peter Porker? Yes, we stay with the pig.

But this season Runaways will be important for the protagonists. We will see real losses in the series in pursuit of a greater good, which will forever affect young people, marking a before and after in their lives.

There is a real sacrifice this year, some real bets, ”says executive producer Stephanie Savage. Not everyone arrives at the end of the season.

I think that for our children, any kind of happy ending will be mitigated by the fact that throughout the course of this story, everything about their lives, their parents, the life they were living, is a lie, ”Schwartz points out. . So whatever they get out of this, if they survive, they will change. Wiser, perhaps, more cynical. Some innocence has been lost, some powers have been gained, so I feel that there is no true happy ending when you realize that your parents are capable of the things Pride has done.

Schwartz also refers to a dynamics of the tug of war that the entire cast has referred to in the past. As in real life, the answers can be complicated, and maybe the bad is not so bad.

Finally, actor Ryan Sands. responsible for interpreting Geoffrey Wilder, Alex's father, talks about the step parents will take to try to "go back" with the children.

Once we dig a little deeper, we see how much we try to protect our children from [Pride]. We are trying to have some connection with the family unit again.

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