Wake Up, Carlo! Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Wake Up, Carlo! Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

Have you ever experienced one of those dreadful nightmares when you slept well but awoke to a quite different reality? Where are the folks you thought to know but who have changed in your dreams? This seems quite ominous, right?

The same thing occurred to Carlo, the little child. Carlo, awaken! On July 6, 2023, Season 1 will debut. Everyone’s hearts are already being won over by the captivating plot. The show’s trailer was just made available three weeks ago, yet it has already received a sizable amount of YouTube views.

You have come to the correct site if you want to learn more about the Wake Up, Carlo! Season two. Just wait a little while longer and read the story below.

Juliano Enrico is the creator of the Brazilian cartoon series “Wake Up, Carlo!” An very funny adult animated series is called “Wake Up, Carlo!” It is made to seem like a children’s television show, but after just two minutes, it becomes clear that this is not the case.

The program is chock with of analogies and gags about drug use that are sure to make you smile. You’ll witness kids who seem as if they’ve remained up all night, kids who eat ice cream or “magical” candy bags like they’re hooked to other narcotics, and a fun island that looks like it came from a surreal nightmare.

Wake Up, Carlo! Season 2 Release Date:

A second episode can be planned by the authors depending on how well it is received. Alternately, a sequel will be released if the previous series leaves any open ends. However, there are currently no confirmed updates on Wake Up, Carlo! the second season.

Wake Up, Carlo! Season 2 Trailer Release:

The second season of Wake Up, Carlo! has no trailer available. The trailers for prior seasons are now accessible on a verified YouTube account.

Wake Up, Carlo! Season 2 Cast:

  • George Pereira

Acorda, Carlo, as per this animation series! The actors that appeared in Wake Up, Carlo! have voices. a 2023-debuting animation-comedy television series.

In Acorda, Carlo, Gustavo Pereira portrays the title role. Carlo, awaken! TV program 2023. In addition, various characters include Guilherme Briggs, Luiza Arantes, Gustavo Fortunato, & Mariana Xavier.

The Brazilian animated series will debut on July 6 on the platforms developed by Copa Studio. Producing the 13-episode series is the same group behind “Irmao Do Jorel.” This is Netflix’s first nationally distributed animated program.

Wake Up, Carlo! Season 2 Storyline:

Carlo is the focus of the Brazilian animated program. He is a little child who enjoys hanging out with his buddies and singing and playing. They follow him around everywhere.

Carlo is also a cookie monster apart from that. He enjoys eating a variety of cookies. But who could have predicted that such habit would suddenly turn his whole life upside down?

Yes. Carlo, our little kid, could never resist indulging in the globe of cookies. The 7-year-old’s obsession with biscuits that were stuffed with luscious guava jam eventually affected the course of his whole life.

Carlo ate the cookies and fell asleep. He did not have a typical night’s sleep, and the cookie was definitely cursed. Carlo continued to sleep through time as the environment altered around him as he closed his eyes. Carlo finally awoke from his profound sleep after a lengthy 22 years.

When he discovered that his environment had completely changed, he was unable to comprehend what he was seeing. But the moment Carlo decided to hunt for his companions was even more painful.

He was disappointed to learn that every one of his childhood pals had grown up. They aren’t the same pals Carlo used to play and go about with.

He makes every effort to persuade them to resume playing like kids since he is a playful lad. You must see this captivating, humorous, and beautiful tale of friendship that spans time and space to find out if Carlo can take advantage of continuing adventures with his buddies once again or not.

Carlo instantly catches his attention once again by acting absurdly. Then the focus shifts to Carlo, as King Blaus senses another danger.

Berto is seen traveling while carrying people in his car. King Blaus attempts to sway the mob against Carlo in order to launch him over the abyss. Three judges are furthermore present to provide judgment.

The initial two judges ruled against Carlo and in favor of King Blaus. Unexpectedly, Tatiana, the third and final judge, chooses to support Carlo.

King Blaus, however, ignores her choice and gets ready to banish Carlo from existence. Contrarily, Carlo ends up diverting the judges by giving them compliments and being eccentric. After that, he flees with Tatiana and Berto.

We soon discover that Berto was transporting people because Tatiana chose to utilize it as a strategy to persuade Berto to pay her back. The episode concludes as Carlo abruptly nods off in the automobile.

Where To Watch Wake Up, Carlo! Season 2?

It is available on Netflix. This is the only platform where it is now accessible. To view the series, it would be preferable if you had an valid membership, either for a month or a year. A annual membership is an additional alternative that will be preferable than a monthly one.

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