Wall Street faces consequences of a trade war

With Trump predicting the possibility of a peaceful ending to the current trade war between the USA and China, there seems to be an increase in the US stocks on Friday after the long Memorial weekend.

Moreover, he also revealed that there are chances for Huawei be a part of the trade deal as well, noticed them standing very critical, even though there has not been any proper scheduling after the negotiations in Washington which was about two weeks ago.

With a third consecutive week of wounds in the benchmark index, the SP 500 index is on for ending the week with 1% lower than normal.

This gives more evidence to the forecasting regarding the trade war that predicted the trade war will most probably result in a global economic shutdown.

Along with this, there were constant worries relating to the slowing down of the economy.

Data made it clear that the capital goods have in fact decreased much more than that which were estimated in April.

The market was comparatively quite low performing compared to their session high points as the traders stating volatile trading was quite a notion this season.

With the footlocker went down to around 17.1%, this is also one of the largest retailers for Nike which resulted in a 0.2% drop in the shares of Nike.

This is not the only business that faced down waters with even Autodesk falling by 4.5%. This was definitely not the week for the economy market of Wall Street.

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