Walmart to Start Delivering Groceries into Customers’ Fridges

One of the biggest stores in the United States, Walmart, has perfected plans to start home delivery in some selected states in the country.

During the pilot phase, customers from some selected cities have the opportunity to request for their groceries to be delivered into their refrigerators directly, especially when they are not at home to personally receive them.

The online store launched its in-home service that allows Walmart vehicles and employees to be used for such deliveries. The employees will wear the store’s wearable cameras for easy monitoring by the homeowner.

The store also uses what it calls “smart entry technology” that allows its employees to have access to customers’ homes when making deliveries.

The customers are also empowered to remotely monitor access to their homes as well as the deliveries.

Walmart plans to launch the In-home services this fall. Over 1 million of the store’s customers will have access to it in three cities, namely, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, and Vero Beach in Florida.

The store is yet to announce the delivery fee for this special service. There is equally sketchy information about how the employees will have access to customers’ homes.

However, Walmart won’t send its employees out without proper training. It has plans to give these employees extensive training that will enable them to “treat customers’ homes with the same care and respect with which they treat a friend’s or family’s home.”

Their training will also cover how to properly arrange the groceries in the refrigerator.

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