WandaVision Episode 3 Fan Theories Explained

The Butterfly Effect

We’ve been told that WandaVision will set up the events of Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme sequel, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, so fans have been keeping their eyes peeled for ties to Strange’s comics history and his MCU story so far. Episode 3 seemed to make a couple of nods to the good Doctor – after Westview’s OB-GYN Dr. Nielson checks on Wanda’s pregnancy progress, Vision assures him he has nerves of steel, and calls him “Mr. Doctor”, a callback to Strange’s banter with villain Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen).

There are also the butterflies that materialize as Wanda is preparing to give birth to her twins, one of which lands on Vision and looks very similar to the first ‘out of place’ thing Strange sees after he’s taken on a mind-melting tour of the multiverse by The Ancient One in Doctor Strange. As he heads up into the Earth’s atmosphere, Strange notices a single butterfly remarkably like those that flutter into Wanda’s nursery, and when The Ancient One begins to talk Strange through opening his mind’s eye, she asks “What is real? What mysteries lie beyond the reach of your senses? At the root of existence, mind and matter meet. Thoughts shape reality.” Hmm…

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Westview Is Mephisto’s Womb

There’s a theory flying around online that Westview is acting as a kind of mystical womb that will eventually give birth to a fully-realised Mephisto in our world. The Marvel Comics villain and all-around pain in the ass has already been teased in a trailer for Disney+’s Loki series, but may first come to fruition inside Wanda’s powerful-but-twisted reality.

A specific creature has featured in each episode of WandaVision so far. Some fans think these are Mephisto’s evolving “animal stages” – first appearing as a lobster to represent “mating for life” (they don’t, but sitcom Friends played a large part in the myth), a rabbit representing reproduction, and a stork manifesting during the “birth” stage of episode 3. Will Wanda and Vision get a young puppy in the next episode? Probably!

An Image From One Of WandaVision's Trailers Featuring A Doghouse
An trailer image from a future episode of WandaVision, where you can see a doghouse marked “Sparky”
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