WandaVision Episode 8 Magic Explained

Finally, we hit Westview, New Jersey as it once was – a quiet little town where Vision had bought Wanda a piece of property for them to settle down in, until his untimely demise at the hand of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War destroyed their plans forever. Or at least it did, until Wanda reached breaking point and made it happen anyway by tapping into her true power.

Yes, after enough flashbacks to put all the puzzle pieces together Agatha finally figured out Wanda’s deal: she had used Chaos Magic to create The Hex in Westview and resurrect Vision, which means she must be the Scarlet Witch. Wanda’s Marvel Comics superhero name has never been uttered in the Marvel Cinematic Universe until now – we just witnessed the long-awaited birth of it in Episode 8.

But what exactly is Chaos Magic? And how will finally embracing the extent of her superpowers change Wanda’s destiny forever?

Chaos Magic

In Marvel Comics, Chaos Magic was wielded billions of years ago by an Elder God and Arch-Demon called Chthon. He reigned over Earth for a long time, and was later sealed inside Mount Wundergore, where Wanda Maximoff was born. By touching him, she was given a sliver of Chthon’s power, which in turn gave her the ability to control Chaos Energy. If this hadn’t happened, Wanda would have just grown up with standard mutant energy manipulation powers, and not been able to alter reality at all.

But Chaos Magic can’t simply be dismissed as “reality-altering” – its darkness, purity and magnitude are so great that even Doctor Strange once thought it was fairy tale nonsense. Not only can Chaos Magic be twisted to manipulate or recreate reality and existence however the user pleases, it can be wielded in such a way that destroys the entire universe. Imagine all the power Thanos had with the Infinity Gauntlet – by Chaos Magic standards, he had modest dreams by wiping out half the cosmos.

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