‘Warner Bros. is strongly anti-Snyder’

The success of the Snyder Cut by Justice League has caused fans of the director of Man of Steel to once again raise their voices in the direction of Warner Bros. in order to ask the production company to continue on the path of what has now been renamed SnyderVerse. But what are the real intentions?

Second Zack Snyder, who recently declared that he dreams of directing a Star Wars movie, Warner Bros. would be anything but interested in continuing this working relationship, which in fact should therefore be considered closed after the last experience.

Warner Bros. is fortemente anti-Snyder, if we want to say so. What can I say? It is clear that they are not interested in my ideas. But I also have to say that they weren’t initially interested in my idea of ​​Justice League, which they clearly revised. I love those characters, I love those worlds, I think there is some fantastic material for movies. I don’t know what else can be done, although I think the fan movement is really strong, the whole fan community, their intentions are so honest, I have a enormous respect for them“were the words of the director.

Do you also think that the curtain on the SnyderVerse has now definitively fallen? Tell us yours in the comments! Meanwhile, Gal Gadot recently broke his silence about his relationship with Joss Whedon while filming Justice League.

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