Warriors On The Field Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

This year, TV producers are focusing a lot on sports since they are the only thing that can always bring people together.

Prime Video’s “Warriors on the Field,” a sports documentary showcasing culture, community, and a ton of skill in the Australian football scene, joins the likes of “Welcome to Wrexham” and “All or Nothing: Arsenal.”

The Australian Football League collaborates with EQ Media Group and Amazon Studios to make this personal sports documentary available to the public.

An indigenous professor named Larissa Behrendt directed the movie “Warriors on the Field,” which was executive produced by David Alright, Brendan Dahill, Tanya Hosch, and Jackie Munro.

Amanda Knight edited the fifty-minute documentary, which debuted on Amazon Prime Video this year. Michael O’Loughlin of the Sydney Swans, a legend in American Football, is the host.

Warriors On The Field Season 2 Release Date:

The second season of Warrior Nun will debut on November 10, 2022, a Thursday. You will need a Netflix membership in order to view Season 2 (and its first season), since it will only be available on the streaming service.

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Warriors On The Field Season 2 Trailer Release:

On October 13, 2022, Netflix unveiled the first official teaser for Warrior Nun Season 2. Ava strives to rectify the wrongs in the latest trailer, blaming herself for everything that has occurred, including Adriel’s jail break.

We see Ava putting up a crown of thorns, which we may presume is the weapon in question, since she is told that the first warrior nun utilized a hidden weapon to confine Adriel.

The females are shown exercising and battling, and it seems that this time they would treat their adversaries without pity.

Since we last saw Adriel, he is also thought to have gained more power. Even being informed that no one has ever challenged Adriel and prevailed, the ruthless Ava responds, “Looks like that we’re going to have a hand in history.”

The action moments we may anticipate in the next season are teased in the teaser. In June 2022, a teaser trailer was also made available, which you may see below.

Warriors On The Field Season 2 Cast:

Three native AFL players are featured in Warriors on the Field: Tarryn Thomas, Michael “Sonny” Walters, and retiring icon Michael O’Loughlin.

The three guys discuss their upbringings and their hardships when they first entered the football world while dealing with prejudice and discrimination.

Family, friends, and everybody else who has had an impact on their football career support each of their distinct storylines.

Throughout the fifty-minute running time, Michael O’Loughlin, the host and main character of the narration, introduces us to a number of other players, giving us a deeper understanding of the impact of racism on the players and the importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to Australian football. Others who appear in Warriors on the Field include:

  • Muriel O’Loughlin, Michael O’Loughlin’s mom
  • Michael “Muddy” O’Loughlin, Michael’s uncle
  • Jackeline Trindall
  • Jeanelle Trindall
  • John Maynard
  • Martha Penny
  • Colleen Haywood
  • Clyde Rigney
  • Bill Wilson

Warriors On The Field Season 2 Storyline:

The book Warriors on the Field is a personal account of the lives and professional journeys of three indigenous Australian rules football players.

The sports documentary looks at the influence of indigenous athletes on Australian football and their determination to succeed in spite of prejudice.

Warriors on the Field concentrates on Michael O’Loughlin, who discusses his remarkable career and upbringing in football at length.

Future Australian Rules football players Michael “Sony” Walters of the Fremantle Football Club and Tarryn Thomas of the North Melbourne football club are also there with O’Loughlin. All three talk about what it’s like to play football while being an Aboriginal person, dealing with racism and discrimination, and using your staff members, your culture, as well as your community to your advantage to overcome it all.

AFL veteran Michael O’Loughlin illuminates the history and experiences of the Indigenous Australian people through the perspective of sport.

O’Loughlin is joined by current AFL players Tarryn Thomas and Michael Walters as they discuss racism, prejudice, and their everlasting links to their own indigenous communities. Video on Amazon Prime

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How Many Episodes Will Warrior Nun Season 2 Have?

The number of episodes for Warrior Nun Season 2 is still unknown. However, Season 1 had ten episodes, so we are confident that the second season will have the same number.

Each episode lasted around an hour in the first season, and Season 2 is anticipated to follow suit.

Warriors On The Field Season 2 Rating:

Due to its short running length, “Warriors on the Field” did not have its full effect. The program looked to have a lot to say, but it was constrained by its little running time, delivering its main ideas via a superficial collection of footnotes instead of a comprehensive, well-organized piece.

If it had been a miniseries or a lengthier documentary, like two hours, it would have encompassed a lot more ground. In spite of this, Warriors on the Field has a 6.5/10 rating on IMDb and a ‘Ready Steady Cut’ rating of 3 out of 5 stars.

The program doesn’t have enough reviews on other review websites, such Amazon, to get an appropriate rating.

I suppose this program is more of a regional than a worldwide “to whom it may concern” documentary.

However, if you love sports, and especially Australian football, you’ll love the personal tales and video clips of exhilarating football moments contained here.

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