Watch Lucy Lawless "Xena the Warrior Princess" 25 Years Later

It is impossible to hear "Xena the warrior princess" and not remember those adventures that the actress played Lucy Lawless 25 years ago, you will be interested in how the protagonist looks today.

Lucy was born on March 29, 1968, today she is 52 years old and although it will happen to anyone sooner or later, time has passed through her physique, despite this, the protagonist of Xena continues to be quite a beautiful woman like her faithful companion Gabrielle (Reneé O'Connor).

Although her real name is Lucille Frances Ryan, she is known internationally as Lucy LawlessDespite the fact that she has participated in several projects, she is mostly remembered for her role in the series that was launched from 1995 to 2001, as Lucy began her career since 1987.

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In addition to being an actress, she is also a singer and television presenter, she is a multifaceted woman, don't you think, before starting her acting career she became Miss Zealand back in 1989.

"Xena the warrior princess" became an icon of the strong and determined woman, with her meter and 78 centimeters she managed to conquer not only hearts with her beautiful blue eyes in each of her episodes but also large and small battles within the Serie.

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In the series, his outfit was always to wear an armor type with corset details, his hair at that time was black itself that stood out with the blue color of his eyes, possibly this look intimidated his enemies even more and those of us who fell in love with him. character.

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Today as already mentioned Lucy Lawless He is 52 years old, his natural hair appears to be light brown, despite the fact that so many years have passed since he played his most iconic character, he continues to be remembered as if the series were broadcast today.

The project was divided between the United States and New Zealand, including all of it recorded in that country due to the splendid scenery and scenery that New Zealand offers.

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There were six seasons that aired with about 137 episodes including 3 called "the Xena trilogy" these were pilot episodes.

As you will remember in the series, Xena She was accompanied by Gabriella who became her best friend and most faithful companion, the shy blonde peasant girl who looked like her younger sister, over time said young woman became a strong warrior so talking about the cult series about Xena goes also hand in hand with Gabrielle played by Reneé O'Connor.

It is always a pleasure to see how our childhood heroes have grown, one of them especially for many women today has been Lucy Lawless being Xena: Warrior Princess, this type of series marked a whole generation.

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Xena's success was such that the character has even had the opportunity to appear in certain cameos of some television series such as the Simpsons, in the chapter where Bart and Lisa acquire powers and are later kidnapped by the comic book seller.

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How to forget also the battle cry that Xena made, has been in various cosplay and comic conventions where hundreds of Xena's appear fondly remembering the character played by Lawless.

There are some rumors about the series, that it is planned to bring it back, this news has surely driven its most loyal followers crazy, at the moment not many details have been given about it, what if, is that they are already in talks to develop the project.

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