"We do not leave her alone": who are the famous friends of Angélica Rivera who support her

Angélica Rivera is still in contact with some actresses friends (Special)
Angélica Rivera is still in contact with some actresses friends (Special)

Even if Angelica Rivera she has been away from the public scene for more than a year, the ex-wife of Enrique Peña Nieto She continues in constant contact with the friends she made during her years in the world of entertainment.

Cynthia Klitbo, one of the friends of the actress's close circle and with whom she worked in the soap opera The owner (1995) revealed how they have supported it.

And it is that in the last year Rivera has been in the public eye on several occasions, despite the fact that he left the world of television for more than a decade.

After the end of Peña Nieto's presidential term, "La Gaviota" chose to keep a low profile, But her divorce from the politician, an attempted burglary at her home and a home accident that had to be dealt with in the face kept her constantly in the media.

Cynthia Klitbo worked with Angélica Rivera on
Cynthia Klitbo worked with Angélica Rivera on "La Dueña" (Photo: Instagram Cynthia Klitbo)

Details about what Angélica Rivera's life is currently like are scarce, but Cynthia Klitbo revealed part of the actress's intimacy in a recent interview for the program. The minute my destiny changedor, by Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

We talk every day, we have a group of close friends and we do not leave her alone at any time. And we continue with it still and we lean

According to the portal People in spanish, other of Rivera's close friends are Azela Robinson, Chantal Andere and Carina Ricco.

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“We have been friends for a thousand years and that is where you show true friendship when bad and difficult times come.Yes, ”Andere declared a few months ago, while Ricco offered another look at the intimate life of Angélica, whom he has known since they were both teenagers.

Carina Ricco and Angélica have been friends for decades
Carina Ricco and Angélica have been friends for decades

Ricco was received at Rivera's house when her career began and she remained there for two years. "We were snotty with our dreams of acting, singing and we are still here", he commented on the radio program All for women last November.

“She is very well, she is very happy, stable. She has a very close family. Her brother, her sisters, her mother, her daughters have always been there ”, she added in the same talk, in which she showed that her friend has not yet remade her love life.

“She is a very strong woman with a big heart. The truth always comes out. I would like to see her in love, with a man who values ​​her, to give her the love she deserves, like any great woman ... to return with a series, with her book, with her things ”.

Just as the details about the current life of “La Gaviota” are few, the photos on the actress's social networks are scarce.

Sofía Castro has sometimes shown what Angélica Rivera looks like (Photo: Instagram @ sofia_96castro)
Sofía Castro has sometimes shown what Angélica Rivera looks like (Photo: Instagram @ sofia_96castro)

Rivera deleted her official account on Instagram last year and since then her daughter Sofía Castro has been the one who has repeatedly shown what her mother looks like.

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In fact, to celebrate Mother's Day - on May 10, Castro shared unpublished photos of the actress with her daughters.

"My best friend, my accomplice, my mom. I am for you, thanks for absolutely everything. You are the strongest woman I know. I do have the best mom in the world. Happy mom day Be eternal. I love you with all my soul, ”wrote the 23-year-old to accompany the photos.

Sofia herself made Angélica Rivera reappear on television, as she accompanied her to one of the program's rehearsals Look Who's Dancing, from Univision, where they shared emotional moments.


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