We present you the real faces of the most famous terror protagonists

Horror cinema has always been one of the most popular genres within this guild, there are thousands of films that have been part of the box office and ended up being great hits.

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To such an extent that some protagonists of this style of tapes, have become one of the most popular and true movie stars, that is why, this time we will present you the true faces of the most emblematic characters within the horror stories more known within the industry.

1.- Tim Curry, English actor, comedian, singer, and voice actor, known for his work in a wide range of film, theater, and television productions, often portraying minor characters and villains, is the one who gives life to the first version of the dark and sinister cursed clown, whom many fear: IT (ESO).

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2.- Robert Englund, who gives life to the terror inside the nightmares, the horrifying Freddy Krueger, almost nobody can believe that behind that dark face there is such a kind face.

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3.- Derek Mears, here the face of who is behind the most fearsome serial as3s1n0, Jason in the movie “Friday the 13th”.

Você conhece o cara da foto ??? Se a resposta for não, you lose people. Finally, it was difficult to reconstruct Jason Voorhees mask. Esse é o American actor, Derek Mears, famous for interpreting or main personagem of the film Friday the 13th (2009). He also played a police officer in Hatchet III (2013), the third French film that fears like vilão, or deformed assassin, Victor Crowley. In "Sexta-Feira 13", or film was originally conceived as a story about a origin of the personage (which for that matter does not know the story, Jason was a child who died afogado ea mãe se vinga, o nome original do film was for to be "Mamãe, Eu Não Sei Nadar." But at the time, the achou producer who could think that it was a comedy or a project evolved for a reimagination of two first four films from the series. O personagem Jason Voorhees was reformulated as a fast and lean assassin, as a deep history that allows the viewer to feel a little sympathy for him, but not enough to show his love (You are a little puppy, you are very nice I can't give you much confidence). Terror Brothers wanted to know if you know how to swim ??? #derekmears #jasovoorhees # sextafeira13 #filmesdeterror #horrormovies #terrorbrothersoficial

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4.- Matthew Taylor, former police officer in his native Canada, played Nemesis in Resident Evil, a character that to date is present in the nightmares of more than one of our readers.

5.- Gunnar Hansen, the cruel and iconic guilty character in the story behind "The Texas Massacre", and although it is fiction, it seems that he does not break a plate.

6.- Tyle Mane, we will always remember him for his wonderful performance as Michael Myers on Halloween, a character that still scares those who dare to watch the movie.

7.- Michael Traynor, perhaps some do not know him, but Smiley, a psychological horror film from 2012, is undoubtedly the protagonist of many unpleasant dreams, nobody could believe that such a serene face was behind a character of this stature .

8.- Obviously, Deveigh Chase, who gave life to the specter of Samara in the “El Aro” movies, behind so much evil, was actually hiding an angelic face.

9.- Oscar Casas, a boy who undoubtedly does a great job as an actor, left us haunted by his performance in “El Orfanato”, he clearly grew up and became a successful Spanish actor and model.

10.- Warwick Davis, who this time is characterized as The cursed goblin in "Leprechaun", this chameleonic actor always surprises everyone who sees him, because his dramatizations are totally spectacular.

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