"We will return to superheroes soon" But the project is secret

During a recent promotional interview for the release of their new film Cherry, i brothers Anthony and Joe Russo they talked about their future and a possible return to Marvel Universe after the success obtained with the saga of Avengers.

Arguing with Fandango, the duo has confirmed the intention to return very soon to the world of superheroes: but with DC Films or with Marvel Studios? And is there a future project on the horizon, a project of which they cannot reveal any details?

"Joe and I love making movies at all levels of scalingto "Anthony Russo answered a specific question about a possible collaboration with DC."We made films for little money, and we made films with huge budgets. And we also love movies in between. Someday, for sure, we'll make a movie of that kind again. Probably in the not too distant future. We can't say who we will collaborate with at this point, but yes, we like to challenge ourselves, we like to explore new frontiers. So where we are going is a surprise for us, and hopefully for the public as well."

Impossible to find out what's cooking at the moment, but the smell coming from the kitchen bodes well: what do you think the Russos will do in the future? After Cherry it is known that they will collaborate with Netflix for The Gray Man with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, but in the past they have repeatedly reiterated their passion for Wolverine.

We'll see.

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