what are the most controversial animated films ever?

Throughout its long history, the Disney has churned out the beauty of 59 Animated Classics, which will soon become 60 thanks to the already announced Encanto, for which the release date was unveiled a few minutes ago in the new Disney 2021-22 calendar.

But among the many masterpieces of yesterday and today, over the years some films have aroused quite a few controversies: What are the most controversial Disney cartoons ever?

The first to come to mind is Pochaontas: released in 1995 and expected to pass due to the various controversies that had already surrounded the depiction of Native Americans in Peter Pan (1953: how to tie it to your finger), a part of the American criticism had no mercy this time; more recently, however, the crossfire has hit Dumbo, accused of racism for the characters of the ravens, even if already at the time the film was criticized for the scene in which the protagonist gets drunk and embarks on a psychedelic journey.

The aforementioned Peter Pan had several headaches for portraying Native Americans, headaches that continue to this day, while Aladdin he was accused of being insensitive to Arab culture. Also famous are the controversies about The little Mermaid, accused of the marriage of 16-year-old Ariel to Prince Eric, e those related to the cruelty of Bambi, with many Disney fans complaining about the death scene of the protagonist’s mother.

But Disney’s most controversial film palm remains perhaps a Taron and the magic pot: First Disney animated film with a PG rating, it was accused of dark and eerie atmospheres, violent imagery and sexual references.

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